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Interview with Eric Gustafson
by Barbara Tampieri

What did you want to become when you were a little boy? What was your favorite game?
Strangely, I never really knew what I wanted to be when I was young. Looking back now I'm able to seperate and associate the more significant moments of things that I enjoyed doing in relationship to what I am doing now (like the first picture I took at age 5, or when my father brought a very simple computer home from work, small LCD screen, etc.), but have never really desired or proclaimed to want to be a certain 'thing'. Never really wanted to be a garbage man, or astronaut, or fireman, etc. I just didn't know! I've just enjoyed my hobbies for the most part and not tried to define myself through a career or specific term. How does general creative thinker sound? :) Although, I do remember watching the discover channel a while back and seeing "waterfall explorer" as the title of a man they were following. Now THAT sounds like something I could do!

What is your biggest fear these days? And what makes you happy anyway?
Hmm..biggest fear. I guess I would have to say finding myself in a situation or routine that didn't allow me to be who I am and do what I do. I would hate to find myself feeling like I was ever stuck into one scenario. Working in an office for the next 30 years or something simliiar, doing something I know I didn't want to do. Other then that though, I can say I don't have too many fears or worries. I am fortunate to have chosen a path so far in life that is very open to traveling, learning and exploring my ambitions. A bit selfish for the time being, but I think now is the time to figure all these things out (better to settle down once you've had a go at testing yourself, I think..that way you know what to pass on to kids and how to apprieceate a relationship better!). As far as what makes me happy - all the little things in life! I would only bore you if I tried to list them all. To name a few random ones: The first real day of fall, when it gets cold enough to make you shiver, but apprieceate the freshness of the new coming season. Sleeping in on mornings where you have no where to go, and waking up from an amazing dream next to someone you care about. Oh, and of course driving around with the windows down at night, through an empty city. It's surreal!

Please choose an animal you would like to be reincarnated in and why.
Probably either a house cat in a posh, comfortable, loving home (how great of a life would that be!?) or a wolf in an arctic enviornment. I think the thrill of a real hunt for survival, as well as the simplistic lifestyle of eating when you are hungry and not having to gather or store food would be a welcome change from this lifestyle. There is also something almost spiritual to me about the crisp, cold weather. I have always loved to just walk around when it's snowing and the night time. I also admire how much respect and care that a pack of animals / family has for each other. I've always had an incredibely loving family, but not necessarily very close (occiasinal visits once a year or so). I envy the closeness that I see in others sometimes.

If you were not an artist who would you want to be?
I know I would have to be something where I am able to express myself creatively in some form. Wow, you know I just can't really even imagine doing anything different and enjoying it as much! I guess I would love to produce music and be able to play it for thousands of people. I just don't think there would be anything more amazing then feeling all that energy from both the music you are creating, as well as what you're getting back from the crowd in those moments.

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