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Welcome to a master of Italian contemporary art's official site.
In these pages you can visit the virtual exhibit of his artworks, a significant selection of his drawings, paintings and sculptures from 1936 to 1999.

Giuseppe Tampieri, portrait by Barbara Tampieri

Biographical info

Giuseppe Tampieri was born in Lugo di Ravenna on March 9th, 1918 and began practicing painting and drawing in early childhood in Faenza.
He attended the Fine Arts Academy in Florence where he graduated in 1941.
His first exhibition took place in Ravenna in 1936. Since then he has been participating the most important Italian artistic events including the Biennale in Venice and the Quadriennale in Rome.
He realized many illustrations for books and also published articles and reviews on newspapers and magazines.
He lived and worked in Genoa from 1950 to 1981 where many of his monumental sculptures are hosted on various city buildings, corporate centres and the central cemetery.
Since 1981 he has been living and working in Faenza (Ravenna).
His paintings and sculptures can be found in many public and private collections in Italy and abroad. Exhibitions of his works took place and were often repeated in Milan, Florence, Genoa, Faenza, Forte dei Marmi, Catania, Nervi, Barcelona (Spain), Imola, Repubblica di San Marino, Lugo, Naples, Milano Marittima, Montecatini Terme, Cervo, Forlì, Assisi, Hamburg (Germany), Siena, Bolsena, Messina, Massa, Sorrento, Verona, Rome, Ravenna etc.
The most recent and successful exhibition of his sculptures took place in Faenza, at the Commenda Church Cultural Centre in April 2001. Click on the banner to visit the special section dedicated to this exhibition.

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