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Sheltercamp by Day 1987

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Reading 1996

Willemijn Bouman

Panum et Circissum te Lesotho (2 Panel) 1997
Guest artist - March 2000

"I'm a visual artist and designer from The Netherlands. I was born in 1956 in Rotterdam and now I live and work in my house and studio (a former bathing house) in The Hague.
The style of my art work is lyric abstract. I paint large, colorful and acrylic paintings and I make woodblock prints with a special printing technique. In assignment I do color designs, mural paintings and ceramic application for buildings and shopping malls.
Also I have a house and studio in Cappadocia, Turkey, where I invite colleagues to come to work.
Cappadocia is a strangely sculptured landscape, made ages ago by the volcano 'Erciyes'. I use the volcano shape in an abstract way in my personal language of symbols, as a metaphor for strength... The inspirational influence of this bizarre landscape on my artwork is visible.
In the resume to be found in my self made art site you can read my personal profile and all the information about the latest exhibitions, assignments and projects."

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