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Together...Forever - 2003, Oil On Canvas - 24 x 20

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The Cuckold King - 1994

Sebastijan Petrovic

Dinner I - 2003, Oil On Canvas - 16 x 20
Guest artist - November 2004

Sebastijan Petrovic was born in 1970 in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Growing up in Former Yugoslavia was great but difficult from a communication perspective at times. While his contemporaries listened to Yugoslav folk music, he was into Beethoven and Haydn. While others loved Croatian naïve painters, he was discovering early Abstractionists, Jacques Villon in particular. He has been painting ever since he can remember, possibly because his father was a painter too. Initially, however, Sebastijan chose a different path for himself. He became a musician at the age of ten and started playing drums professionally when he turned thirteen. He landed a contract with two different groups and recorded two albums with them.
While on a tour, in 1989, he saw a painting by French artist Claude, and this painting changed his life forever. He realized that painting was all he wanted to do. He abandoned drums and retreated into himself for several years. In 1992, following the outbreak of war in Bosnia Sebastijan found himself wandering around the major capitals of Europe. He finally settled down in London with his wife Irena, who provided moral and financial support.

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The artist

Sebastijan Petrovic is a member of the Painting Jury for the Master of 2005 Annual Art Award

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