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SECRET OF THE SPIRITS - original photofantasia - Canyonlands National Park, Utah USA

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PALENQUE SPECTATOR - photofantasia - Palenque, Mexico

Willis Greiner &
Cheryl Price

Guest artists - June 2001

Lewis W. (Willis) Greiner, Jr. has been an avid outdoorsman, amateur astronomer and nature photographer for many years. Willis moved to Colorado in 1972 and describes himself as a "dyed-in-the-wool Westerner." "In the West, many have a relationship with land and nature that I deeply admire and respect; further, the landscape and natural environment inspire my soul and hopefully my creative sense," says Greiner.
Recent expeditions with his partner and wife Cheryl Price have allowed photographic exploration of the pre-Columbian cultures rising from the great jungle wilderness of Mesoamerica. 1995's self-guided float through the Grand Canyon of the Colorado resulted in an extensive photographic and literary interpretation of this multifaceted adventure. "Visits" by wayfaring comets have provided additional photographic material: expeditions recently to Malaysia, Borneo, Curacao (Netherlands Antilles) and Alaska have allowed for further photographic investigations of wilderness, underwater and "cosmic" topics.

Cheryl Price was born and grew up in central Montana; from an early age she has had an interest in art. Combining her artistic talent and growing up in the Big Sky state, she has developed her own soft style of painting -- capturing the serenity and beauty of our natural environment in the simplest way possible. Her paintings reflect to the viewer that feeling of beauty and serenity that both surrounds us and is within us. More recently Cheryl has also teamed with Willis Greiner to create a sort of "hand-painted" photography which they have coined photofantasia.

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Willis Greiner


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