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The Ultimate Conflict - Oil on Canvas, 2001

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Fear - Oil on Canvas, 2000

Karen Musick's tribute to the WTC victims.

The Aftermath  Pencil on Paper

Karen Musick

Angel of Peace
Guest artist - August 2001

Karen Musick is a self taught artist who began drawing Musickscapes "the landscapes of my mind" in 1993 as a way to deal with overwhelming medical issues involving chronic pain and medical negligence. Picking up a black ink pen, she threw away all she had traditionally known about art and creating it. She just began to draw. Later, filling in the ink drawing with colored pencils.
Using colored pencils, she then developed a uniquely fluid style.

Her artwork continues to be a source of self expression and inner reflection. Dealing with intractable pain on a daily basis, the work not only reflects many varied emotions, but the impact of the pain on her life.
Karen began painting as a child. Before 1993 her artistic style reflected a great love for the outdoors. She loved to paint mountains and created landscapes in acrylics. In her latest oil paintings she has begun an integration of the past and present: the fluid, brilliantly colored surrealism with her ability to capture nature with amazing realism.

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The artist

Karen Musick has been a member of the Painting Jury for the Master of 2003 Annual Art Award

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