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Agua Vida

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Hannsjoerg Scheid

Les Alpes
Guest artist - May 2000
Master of 2000 - Special Award for Best Artsite

"I was born in 1961 in Neunkirchen/Saar, Germany, a little industrial city, 20 Miles from the French border. My uncle was a jazz pianist. My grandma, my aunt and my mother played classical music and songs from the 20s and 30s. Music became my first love.
Although I always liked colors and painting, it took a long time before I finally picked up a brush and started to paint in 1990 in Frankfurt. I prefer rich colors, but didn’t want to work with oil or acryllic, because I had no studio and painted basically in my room. So I used chalk, crayons and wax for the first layers, and put a lot of watercolor on top of it, sometimes another 3-4 layers untill I had the desired effect.
My main theme was and still is music, so it was natural to choose some of my favorite music to express in colors, shapes and faces. I like it, when I hear music a 100 times and still recognize something I have never heard before. I feel the same about paintings; I love the little details, the faces that look different from all angles, and the random creations that just happen.
I moved to the US, where I met my wife and her two girls. I started to design my own website, to have a constant online presentation of my music and art. With this new media I am inspired to combine visual art and music".

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