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Redwing Blackbird

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Wheatfield Scarecrow

Christopher Cookson

Guest artist - March 2002

"It rarely happens to find in a young man such a great and passionate poetic concentration.
Looking at the works of Chris Cookson you can guess his strong will to overcome the strain and sufference of ordinary life by getting to the highest and sublime peaks of art.
I welcome the admirable strength of Chris to share his talent and skill with us and recommend his art as one of the most promising of his generation."
Giuseppe Tampieri

I have loved art all my life, and she has become my bride. I was told by my mother that I was drawing at the age of five, and today I'm 29. It has been a long road of failures and successes, and the journey I chose to ride is sweet, yet painful.
Unfortunately, I have MD[Muscular Dystrophy.] This makes painting 100 times harder for me. I get countless bruises, chest pain, blisters, and even bleed to finish a single painting. My back is curved, my head burns in severe headaches, and I'm starting to lose more strength; yet I will not stop working. I love it too much.
I am purely self-taught. I was rejected by art schools because they thought I was not strong enough to do the work required. Wrong! I am known to be very prolific by those who know me and my arts, and my fire has produced countless paintings and drawings. I love many kinds of art. I am not one who only likes one kind of fruit...I love all art that has beauty, uniqueness, and simplicity. I admire Michelangelo, Van Gogh, Anatoly Krynsky, Gibran, and many of the impressionists.

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The artist

Christopher has been a member of the Painting Jury for the Master of 2003/2004 Annual Art Awards

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