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Through the Blue Wall

Max Tyrell

Guest artist - July 2000

These photo-collages are created from photographs that I have taken in various locales around the world, but the images I have found most inspiring have come mostly from New Orleans, Louisiana.
The images I have taken in other places tend to come together most effectively when combined with images from the French Quarter or the country around New Orleans.
Many of the subjects of the collages are statues found in the above ground cemeteries, or Cities of the Dead, in that area. Thus, my sometimes predominantly New Orleans-oriented themes.
Of course I will sometimes shoot other things, such as children’s toys or perhaps antiques but even these I tend to place in various ironic backgrounds.
I have also had a long career as a musician and often the music inspires a collage or visa versa. I can be seen running from my music studio in the midst of song creation, to another room to work on one of my half-done photo-collages, simultaneously making both visual art and music. Needless to say, they are both intertwined and perhaps you’ll hear a bit of my collages in my music and see a bit of my music in my photos!

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