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The Metal Water, 2002

Nick Chaldakov

London 1991
Guest artist - October 2002

"I am a photographer from East Europe. I live in Bulgaria, a country older than 1 300 years. For the artist location is not important. In art photography it is the viewpoint which matters. Every object may turn out to be a masterpiece of art photography... if you succeed in finding the true viewpoint.
Since my early childhood, I have been trying to find the abstract appearance in ordinary things. Lights and shapes are constantly stimulating my imagination, creating thousands of images. It is my desire to transform them into pictures, which other people can see and understand.
In my early twenties, I spent a lot of time sailing with Diogen, my own, handmade yacht. Sometimes photography took second place, but was never left behind.
I had to grow up in order to understand the words of an old lady, staff member of The Photographer's Gallery - London. I was so young and foolish, that I did not remember her name. I shall nonetheless remember her words forever: "Young boy, you must take photos and do nothing else. Whatever else you do, it is waste of time for the World art photography". This was in London, in 1992…I had to reach the age of Christ to comprehend what she meant.
Now, I want to bring all my images to life and to share these pictures with other people, but I am not and do not want to be a commercial photographer. Unfortunately, sometimes I have to sell some of my "creations", so that I can create new ones. Thus, all my life is devoted to art photography. Living in Bulgaria help me to find my unique viewpoint, which turned out to be my life point."

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The photographer

Nick Chaldakov has been a member of the Photography adn Digital Art Juries for the Master of 2003/2004 Annual Art Awards

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