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Intricate Spiral

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Lacewings At Sunset

Colleen Deery

Dragons Lore
Guest artist - October 2000

I am an artist from San Bernardino, California, USA. I studied art through the California College/University systems, but I have learned my greater lessons artistically through diligent practice and exploration.
Most of my artistic career has involved the more traditional forms of art, such as painting and sculpture, but my more recent artistic persuits are in the area of digital art.
I am currently working solely as an artist, and have been very involved in digital art for the past five to six years. My latest passion in this realm has been with fractal art, as I find this medium to be very intriguing and thought-provoking.
I find fractal art to be a further challenge, as it has not yet been fully acknowledged by some areas of the general art world, as a valid medium.
In most of my art, regardless of the media, I try to create a composition which is both beautiful and interesting.
Some of my art is meant to portray or inkoke an emotion, while other works are meant to be purely for asthetic purposes.

What are Fractals?

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