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World Trade Center

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World Trade Center

Linda A. Bernstein

World Trade Center
Guest artist - February 2004

Linda left us in September 2004 after an entire life devoted to sharing her emotions with us through her intense artistical work.
I have known her for a too brief time but I think we were about to start a true friendship. She had been living in Italy and we had found many things in common we could talk about.
I feel honored to have featured her work in this gallery and I am proud of her friendship. She will be dearly missed but never forgotten. Her beautiful photos and the article about 911 she kindly gave me for publishing will always remind me of a special soul who lived a too brief life.

Born in New York City, Linda studied at Smith College, Northampton, Massachusetts, 1975-79; she received Bachelor of Arts in 1979, and majored in Studio Art.
During 1977-78 she lived in Rome, Italy and studied art, Italian, and art history at Tyler School of Art, Temple University. She attended Villa Schifanoia Graduate School of Art, Florence, Italy, 1982-83 and received Masters Degree in Painting in 1983. She received Masters Degree awarded with Distinction in Communication Arts in 1988, specializing in computer animation (New York Institute of Technology, New York, New York). Has lived in New York City since 1980.
She has been an Assistant Professor of Communications Art since 1988, teaching at New York Institute of Technology in New York City from 1985 to 1995. Has taught computer graphics, graphic design, and studio art on the undergraduate and graduate level.
Linda travelled extensively through the United States, Europe (Italy, France, Spain, and Holland), South America (Venezuela and Brazil), the Carribean (Virgin Islands, Jamaica, Antigua, and Puerto Rico), and the South Pacific (Fiji, New Zealand, and Australia).

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The artist

In loving memory
Linda Ann Bernstein
13 March 1958 - 16 September 2004

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