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Nightly Smoke

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The mother

Carlo Durano

Sister Moon
Guest artist - May 2004

Carlo Durano was born in Rome, Italy in 1963 but has been living and working in Grosseto (Turscany) for many years.
Since his very early days he has been interested in every artistic activity, especially drawing and painting so he chose to attend the Artistic Liceum as his secondary school.
His great passion though is photography. Through the camera eye he finds he can capture time in its daily moments and depict common people's working, living, praying and loving in an unique way. His photos are mainly figurative and a favourite subject is children's eyes. He has recently completely turned to digital imaging.
He is a member of F.I.A.F. (Federazione Italiana Associazioni Fotografiche); U.I.F. (Unione Italiana Fotoamatori); F.I.A.P. (Fédération Internazionale de l'Art Photographique); P.S.A. (Photography Society of America) and the Fotoforum in Luxemburg. Carlo also founded and is the president of the photodigitalgrosseto ( cultural association.
Since 2002 he has participated the most important international photographic contests, winning 40 prizes. He exhibited his works in various one man and group shows in Italy.

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The photographer


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