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About Woman, Plants and Angels 2 - oil on canvas, 65 x 50 cm

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Flowers of Sin - mixed media on paper, 72 x 100 cm

Zeljko Djurovic

Mutual remembrance - oil on canvas, 190 x 255 cm
Guest artist - July 2004
Master of 2004
Best Painter
Best Painter 2003   

Zeljko Djurovic was born on December 12th, 1956 in Danilovgrad, Montenegro.
He completed his studies of Art and post-graduate studies at the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade.
Zeljko considers drawing is favorite technique, which he has been mastering in long years of study and exercise.
A master of symbolist art for over thirty years, Zeljko paints imaginary world populated with the ultimate symbols of life, women, children and animals.
Among the deepest influences in his work there are Renaissance, Baroque and Surrealism.
As a free lance artist he makes drawings, paintings and graphics presented in various exhibition which are always well acclaimed both by critics and the public.
In September 2004 he had an exhibition at the Progres Gallery in Belgrad where he presented a series of triptics he made in the last fifteen years.
Zeljko is very tied to his native land, Montenegro, where he still owns the house he was born in. He often returns there to be close to his other great passion, nature.
He is a member of ULUS (Association of Fine Artists of Serbia) and Belgrade Ex-Libris Association.

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