BTDesign is proud to announce the winners of The MASTER OF 2005 Award.

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Felicity Rogers
Master of 2005
Best Digital Artist
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Marcelo Toledo
Best Sculptor
Eric Gustafson
Best Photographer
Sergei Aparin
Best Painter

The nominees were the artists who won the Golden Art Site Award and subsequently exhibited their artworks here during 2005 as Guest Artists of the Month.
A panel of judges reviewed each nominee's site and granted points for each of the following categories: artistic quality of the artworks, graphic excellence and technical quality of the website. I would like to thank the members of the international panel for their precious help:

Roberto Thomas Arruda, Brasil
Nico Bastone, Italy
Robert Belgrad, U.S.A.
Tantra Bensko, U.S.A.
Lucia Cartoni, Italy
Alicia De D'Angelica, Argentina
Helyn Davenport, U.S.A.
Ludovico D'Elia, Italy
Nichole DeMent, U.S.A.
Mark Dornblaser, U.S.A.
Basil Filippone, U.S.A.
Ignacio Fusilier, Argentina
Gene Gill, U.S.A.
Ludwig Haas, Austria
Rocío Heredia, Mexico
Michael Hudson, Australia
Susanne Iles, Canada
Ismo Jokiaho, Finland
Karin Kuhlmann, Germany
Arturo Lini, Italy
Miguel Martino, Argentina
Joke Mertens, The Netherlands
Christina Neofotistou, Greece
Sam Norris, U.S.A.
Derek Oakes, United Kingdom
Apostolos Panagopoulos, Greece
Sebastijan Petrovic, Bosnia Herzegovina
Rachel Powell, U.S.A.
Eve Riser-Roberts, U.S.A.
Dubi Roman, Israel
Silvestro Rugolo, Italy
Siegfried Schreck, Germany
Parys St.Martin, Australia
Barbara Tampieri, Italy
Dolores Valenza, U.S.A.
Valentin Yotkov, Bulgaria

Award graphics by Barbara Tampieri.

Statistics for the best three places:

Master of 2005 Voti della giuria
1. Felicity Rogers 492
2. Eric Gustafson 479
3. Jorge De Amesti 467

Best Painter Jury votes
1. Sergei Aparin 454
2. Esteban Fekete 416
3. Sandro Taliani 377

Best Sculptor Jury votes
1. Marcelo Toledo 427
2. Nadia Durvie Iliffe 396

Best Photographer Jury votes
1. Eric Gustafson 479
2. Jorge De Amesti 467
3. Walt Mesk 463

Best Digital Artist Jury votes
1. Felicity Rogers 492
2. Elio Pastore 399

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The Master of 2005 is
Felicity Rogers
The Master of 2005

Based in Auckland, New Zealand, Felicity Rogers is a self-employed digital artist and 3D computer animator operating under the name of "Handbird Productions".
Felicity's background as a Magician led to her fascination with illusionary imagery. Since taking up photography her images have developed from composite printing in the darkroom, to digital manipulation in the computer.
With a passion for Surrealism, Felicity uses her digital wizardry to conjure up photographs and animated films of her magical dreamscapes.
The birth of her surreal photography was marked by a photomontage of a swan with fingers for feathers. Originally created while in high school during 1997, Swan Lake was one of the first photographs she later reproduced when making the transition from darkroom to digital. The hand-swan has recently been brought to life through 3D animation in my short film "Dream Within a Dream".
Please visit his page at BTDesign Art Gallery where you can read an an interview with her and don't forget to visit her website, where you'll find many other of her works.