BTDesign is proud to announce the winners of The MASTER OF 2001 Award.

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Special Jury Award for Best Artworks
Master of 2001 Award
Alexander Schwarz
Special Jury Award for Best Artsite

The nominees were the artists who won the Golden Art Site Award and subsequently exhibited their artworks here during 2001 as Guest Artists of the Month.
A panel of judges reviewed each nominee's site and granted points for each of the following categories: artistic quality of the artworks, graphic excellence and technical quality of the website. I would like to thank the members of the international panel for their precious help:

Walter Spalding, USA
Heidi Walsh, Germany
Siegfried Schreck, Germany
Tom Powell, USA
Hans-Joerg Krauth, Germany
Alenka Marovt, Croatia
Derek Oakes, England
Barbara Tampieri, Italy

Award graphics by Heidi Walsh.

Statistics for the best three places:

Master of 2001 Jury Votes
Moser 602
Alexander Schwarz 599
Rocío Heredia 564

Best Artworks Jury Votes
Moser 340
Rocío Heredia 280
Yuri 275

Best Art Site Jury Votes
Alexander Schwarz 342
Rocío Heredia 284
Stefan Kindermann 272

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The Master of 2001 is

I am very proud to present you this month an incredibly talented artist. Moser recreates the ancient painting techniques and athmospheres in a unique personal way.
A master in experimenting new techniques, he adds to the single or group ancient-looking figures of his paintings his own Moser touch so to bring us in a unique mysterious and mystical dimension.
Descendant of American painter James McNeill Whistler, Moser began painting under the instruction of Pop artist Robert Indiana. He attended the Tyler School of Fine Art in Philadelphia and the Croydon College of Art in London.
In 1984, his first New York exhibition sold out before its official opening, creating an immediate waiting list for all future works. He currently resides in Santa F.
Please visit his page at BTDesign Art Gallery here and don't forget to visit his website, where you'll find many other paintings.