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Specific Criteria for The Golden Art Site Award
The Golden Art Site Award
  • The Golden Art Site is bestowed both on Artists' personal sites and art resources like galleries and other sites related to fine arts.
  • Artists' sites must present their original artworks in a pleasant, elegant layout.
  • As for all my awards content is the key point. What I will consider first will be your own creations. Having a professionally made website with all the top notch technologies and Flash wonders but poor quality artworks won't make you win. Otherwise, a simple or even naïf site presenting great artworks will make the difference.
  • There must be some information on the artist's biography, current and past exhibitions, publications, reviews and recognitions.
  • Artworks must be impressive in creativity, originality and technique.
  • All artistic expressions are welcome: painting, sculpture, ceramics, drawing, photography, digital painting, architectural design, etc.
  • Art galleries and art resources must give credit to the authors and copyright owners of the artworks they display.
  • No self-celebration but objective presentation of the artist's work.
  • Selected artists winners of the award are invited to exhibit their most representative artworks as Guest Artists of the Month at BTDesign Art Gallery and are consequently nominated for the Annual Master Art Award.

The Master of 2005 Award
If you agree with the rules and criteria, and read my tips, you can click here and go the qualification test before you submit your site.
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