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These are the general criteria your site must meet to be eligible for our awards.
If you want some help on how to make your pages ready for review you can read our tips here.

World's Top Award
  • Content - According to the purpose of this award program sites will be judged primarily regarding to their content. Content is really the key point to win our awards: your site must reflect your interest in something, no matter what the argument. We mostly appreciate sites that reflect the will of their authors to let other people get interested in the material they present. It is obvious this content must be of general interest so to make the site an educational and useful resource for everybody surfing the Net from all around the world. Your content must also be entertaining of course. Surfing your site must be a pleasant experience so to invite us to return.
  • Layout and graphics - As for these elements we look mainly at how your site expresses your originality in design and your graphic creativity. Making your own graphics and using the latest technology are definitely a must. Elegance, pleasant layout, ease of navigation, skill in coding and overall good impression do make the difference.

    To win the Best Site Award your site must show excellence in both categories.

    If you think your site can be even better than a Best Site you can apply for the premier "Elite Award".
    Please click here to read the specific criteria for this award.

    All those sites that we review and don't qualify for the premier or the specific category awards can though be awarded with the Approved Site, which is the recognition of merit in content or graphics but not both. This award will be granted also on those sites that need a recognition for their efforts in providing useful information to their visitors though showing no particular skill in web design. The Approved Site is not an easy award to get anyway.
If you agree with the rules and criteria, and read my tips, you can click here and go the qualification test before you submit your site.

If you apply for the art, movie and music awards your site must meet some extra requirements. Click on the award images below to read their specific criteria.

Criteria for the Golden Art Site Award Criteria for The Best Music Site Award Criteria for The Best Movie Site Award

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