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Wind Guardian of the Abyss, 1994

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Bound by a False Beast, 1990


There was no Grass on the Other Side, 1989
Guest artist - March 2001
Master of 2001 winner
Best Artworks

I am very proud to present you this month an incredibly talented artist. Moser recreates the ancient painting techniques and athmospheres in a unique personal way. A master in experimenting new techniques, he adds to the single or group ancient-looking figures of his paintings his own Moser touch so to bring us in a unique mysterious and mystical dimension.
Descendant of American painter James McNeill Whistler, Moser began painting under the instruction of Pop artist Robert Indiana. He attended the Tyler School of Fine Art in Philadelphia and the Croydon College of Art in London. In 1984, his first New York exhibition sold out before its official opening, creating an immediate waiting list for all future works. He currently resides in New York.

A sample of the techniques Moser uses for his paintings:
"Imprimatura relies upon the use of an opaque colored ground or toned underpainting applied to the canvas before the actual painting begins. The intended purpose is to provide an overall foundation for the building up of modeled tonal areas. By working over a mid-toned underpainting, highlights and shadows can be economically applied, achieving an immediate sense of dimensionality. To most sixteenth century painters, the preferred ground colors were in the yellow ochre to burnt umber range, although many painters experimented with their own individual color blends. The detail shown above well illustrates the imprimatura method where the use of light-toned pigments have been applied to the noticeable underpainting beneath."

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the artist

Moser has been a member of the Painting and Sculpture Juries for the Master of 2003 Annual Art Award

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