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Sacre Coeur

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Alex Domokos

Cry for freedom
Guest artist - May 2001

Alex Domokos was born in 1921 in Hungary. At 18 he entered the military academy of Ludovika in Hungary where he was encouraged to pick up some skill to offset his miliary training. He chose sculpting and soon his early works would receive the praise of his teachers.
At the end of the WWII he was captured by the Soviets and spent six years in their POW camps working to repair the damages of war. His sculpting abilities proved to be a tool for survival. In a camp in the high Caucuses a team of professional Transylvanian wood-carvers introduced Domokos to new carving skills, using the chisel, to create the shapes for their needs.
He was released and returned to Hungary in 1951 but after the failed revolution of 1956 he was forced to emigrate in Canada where he found a job as a sculptor for a church supply company where he had permission to use the premises after hours as his studio.
Many of Domokos' statues were created between 1960 and 1975. He considers the seven foot "Sacre Coeur" plaster cast and the statue of "Freedom", hollow cast in bronze, as the pinnacles of his achievements in sculpting.
Alex Domokos is a most amazing man. He has not only been practicing sculpting at best but is a versatile author of poems, short stories, plays, essays and novels, as well as an accomplished photographer and cinematographer. His most famous autobiographical novels, "Prometeus" and "The Price of Freedom" were highly acclaimed by the critics and public. He currently has five books in publication in his native Hungary and his works have been part of several Anthologies of Canadian-Hungarian authors.

Barbara Tampieri

What a reviewer says about "The Price of Freedom"

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