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Pristine Pose

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Fractured Foliage

Basil Filippone

Guarded Grounds
Guest artist - May 2001

A lifetime resident of New Jersey and presently residing in East Hanover, with offices in Montville, New Jersey, Basil Filippone attended Tomlinson Vocational College, in St. Petersburg, Florida studied commercial art and painting. Received a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond Virginia, in 1966 (Richmond Professional Institute) Served in the United States Air Force from 1966 to 1970.
Married to Carol in 1970 - blessed with two children and two grandchildren, and a third grandchild to arrive in July.
Worked as a free lance artist 1970. Worked as a commercial artist 1971-1972. Started own business in 1972 to the present. Involved with graphics, and the installation of graphics.
Since college days, has always painted using various medias: oils, water colors, pastels. Has been creating original digital paintings since 1996. Started this web site in 1997, and is constantly updating and changing it, hopefully for the better.

About Basil's Art

A unique interpretation of the artist's view on color, perspective, depth, and contours. The paintings have an inner illumination and atmospheric quality. The original digital paintings presented here are from a series of limited edition signed and numbered prints. The canvas is a computer monitor and the brush is the computer's mouse. There are no special programs, scanners, or "tricks" used to create these paintings. Each painting is finely detailed and represents an average of fifty hours to create. These paintings are being exhibited in various internet galleries throughout the world.
Once created on a Mac, the paintings are printed on very high resolution printers with special coated paper. The paintings are then clear laminated, for addition durability. The paintings are saved to a CD-ROM. The CD-ROM representation of the painting is then printed in any of five sizes. The prints are available as Limited Edition Series. The total number of prints per Limited Series is 280 or less. The artist personally inspects each print for quality and color consistency. Each print is then titled, numbered, and signed by the artist.

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the artist

Basil Filippone is a member of the Painting and Digital Art Juries for the Master of 2005 Annual Art Award

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