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Infinity, oil on canvas, 2000

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January, oil on canvas, 1998

Ismo Jokiaho

Ashes to ashes 1- 2, oil on canvas, 2000
Guest artist - June 2001

I was born in 25th of February in1965 in Saarijärvi, central part of Finland.
Nowadays I live in the city called Turku in south-west of Finland working as a freelance web designer and artist.
I began to paint when I was about twenty, after a one crucial trip in 1984 to different european art museums. After that experiment my interest for painting grew. Oil Painting is my favorite medium. I started with ordinary figurative style with using large brush strokes and vivid colors. I have studied or learned art as private student of the painter M. Wikman, who teached and encouraged me in my starting Years.
After my graduating in 1992 from the cultural studies and litterature from the University of Joensuu I started to paint with abstract manner, because that represents something quite apart from what words can express. Abstract art often feels like a looking at a moment outside of time.
My paintings are total worlds of their own, nothing more or less. Usually they are filled with strange shapes, lines or forms or they are just masses of pure color. My paintings (or I) don´t try to teach anything or tell what is the truth. Yet those paintigs are very true in their own universe. In that universe my mental images transforms into graphic form.
The surface or the texture of the painting is not only thing which is important to me.
The creation process of painting or something beautiful has a feeling or sense of adventure. I am constantly searhcing ways challenge my mediums and myself. Creativity is a spiritual, yet not religious experience for me. It´s a little bit like meditation. It is one way to respond to the questions of life.

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the artist

Ismo Jokiaho is a member of the Painting Jury for the Master of 2005 Annual Art Award

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