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Lust 2000

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African Voice


Guest artist - July 2001

What in the world should I write about myself? If I really try to put my life into words, it would fill up a book. What should I leave out, and what, on the other hand, are people interested in?
I think I'll just plunge right in.
I was born in the last century (sounds impressive, doesn't it?) in Styria, the "green heart" of Austria. Presently, I live in Vienna, have two children (19 + 14), a wonderful partner and I am a media expert in technology and design. My work is much more a professional calling than a mere job. I consider myself to be politically and socially involved and strongly oppose our current government.
I find fulfillment mainly in the work I do. It reflects my innermost being and serves as a witness of the times and photo album of my life. My penchant for mostly dark colors may be explained by my love of life and sunshine personality. Colors, more colors - I love black. Sometimes I also nail my colors to the mast, just like now.
What does my art convey? Is it really all that important? Art touches us all differently anyway. An explanation of my work is not going to change the fact that people like it or they don't. Why all the words?!

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