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Intricate Bergs

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The Organ, Arches National Park

Mark Dornblaser

Monument Valley Sunrise
Guest artist - October 2001

Award-winning photographer Mark Dornblaser has published his images in national magazines such as Discover and Gourmet. In the spring of 1998 he was Artist-in-Residence at Badlands National Park. He has exhibited his work in galleries in New York and Connecticut. Currently, his series "Himalayan Light" is on display at the National Video Center in New York City. He is represented in New England by Boston Corporate Art. Mark is also a published travel writer, and his stories on Antarctica, Bryce National Park, and Wrangell-St. Elias National Park have been published in The Boston Globe and Cape Cod Times.

Personal statement:
"My love of outdoor photography began at a very early age. My parents believed that seeing the country should be an integral part of our education. I photographed our family adventures as we camped and backpacked through all 50 states. I complemented these experiences in the world outdoors with my formal education, earning degrees in Environmental Studies and Oceanography."
"As an ecologist, I see many parallels between the study of natural ecosystems and the photography of these same landscapes. In ecosystem research, you have to approach the world on several different levels. To see the big picture, you need to investigate the various spatial and temporal scales on which natural processes occur. In photography, through our use of composition, light, point of view, aperture, and shutter speed, we are doing the same thing, exploring various parts of our visual world in order to better understand the whole."

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The photographer

Mark Dornblaser is a member of the Photography Jury for the Master of 2005 Annual Art Award

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