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Fire Ball,
Location: Shasta County, CA, 1998

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White Slopes,Location: Mt. Shasta, CA, 1998

Anil Rao

Desolation, Location: Monterey, CA, 1995
Guest artist - April 2003

"My interest in photography stems from a background in science. I was drawn to cameras and film primarily for their ability to faithfully record scenes. That initial fascination soon developed into an avenue for artistic expression. In recent years the search for new subjects to photograph has let me recognize the importance of simple elements, found in everyday scenes, that often exhibit striking characteristics. The challenge lies in identifying, isolating and abstracting these hidden jewels. This collection of photographs, picked from my "California Rt. 1" and "Shasta - Winter Wonderland" series, highlights the rugged yet beautiful landscape of northern California".

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