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The Omen

Siegfried Schreck

Herbst am Elbtunnel
Guest artist - September 2000
Master of 2000 winner

I was born in Bottrop / Westf. Germany (the heart of coalmines) in 1948.
After school I worked as a miner and in 1968 I went to the north of Germany (Hamburg) to start a big dream sailing over the oceans around the world.
In 1969 I met my wife and up to now I'am a "Landlubber ".
In 1980 I started with my first poems and lyrics for different composers in the chanson and rock/pop business.
I published four books with poems and lyrics.
My main profession is computerpainting and the second theme was and still is: poems and lyrics. In the meantime I wrote many lyrics for childrens and also for a great rocksinger in Germany.
Computerpainting give me the possibility to create new figures and models in more than million colors. Therefore the Internet would be the greatest stage. I Like it also to experiment with words and music and I'am proud to have friendly connections in the world-wide-web and they all have the same dream: Start it up for a great adventure together in the Net!

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the artist

Siegfried Schreck is a member of the Digital Art Jury for the Master of 2005 Annual Art Award

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