BTDesign is proud to announce the winners of The MASTER OF 2000 Award.

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Igor Tcholaria
Special Jury Award for Best Artworks
Siegfried Schreck
Master of 2000 Award
Hannsjoerg Scheid
Special Jury Award for Best Artsite

The nominees were the artists who won the Golden Art Site Award and subsequently exhibited their artworks here during 2000 as Guest Artists of the Month.
Public votes were collected in November and December 2000.
A panel of judges reviewed each nominee's site and granted points for each of the following categories: artistic quality of the artworks, graphic excellence and technical quality of the website. I would like to thank the members of the international panel for their precious help:

Walter Spalding of Hidden Beauty Gallery, USA
Claudia Feichter of Brain4Art, Austria
June Kaminski of Pegasus Art Gallery, Canada
Fabrizio Volpe Prignano of Enfocarte, Argentina.

Statistics for the best five ones:

Artist Popular votes Jury votes Total
Siegfried Schreck 594 201 795
Igor Tcholaria 510 187 697
Hannsjoerg Scheid 51 196 247
John Groves 48 186 234
Willemijn Bouman 6 182 188

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The Master of 2000 is
Siegfried Schreck

Siegfried Schreck is an artist who surely loves to challenge himself in various fields: painting, poetry, writing lyrics.
He once wanted to surf the oceans for adventure and that dream brought him to Hamburg, the great Hanseatic City. He actually didn't leave but now he's actively surfing the Net meeting other artists with whom he's planning many mutual projects.
He already exhibited his artworks on many web galleries worldwide.
His geometrical and abstract paintings are dominated by a sense of serenity and his Hamburg landscapes with the ships, the gardens and the architectural foreshortenings perfectly depict the heart of the Hanseatic City. Anyone who's ever been to Hamburg will immediately feel the atmosphere of that beautiful city through Siegfried's paintings.
Please visit his page at BTDesign Art Gallery here and don't forget to visit his website, where you'll find many other paintings, poems and lyrics.

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