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Best Movie Site Winners - 2000/2001/2002

The Genius of Malcolm McDowell
A mostly informative site and a tribute to the British actor. "Best Movie Site - January 2000" to Trinia del Rosario for building an maintaining a very informative and updated monographical resource over an actor.

Stanley Kubrick online
Sito in italiano con moltissimo materiale sul regista, bibliografia, filmografia completa, links ad ulteriori risorse in rete. A very informative Italian site on Stanley Kubrick. "Best Movie Site - January 2000" to Barry"

Denny C. Jackson's Actresses of the Silver Screen
"This web site is set up to devote pages on actresses from the past, both the well-known and the unknown". Over 100 classic female stars listed with detailed biographies and photos. A must for any movie fan seeking for compact information on the classic movie actresses. "Best Movie Site - January 2000" to Denny C. Jackson for his research work and informative and essential site.

Enciclopedia di Peter Greenaway
Sito in italiano dedicato al regista Peter Greenaway. Riceve il premio per l'accuratezza del repertorio iconografico e bibliografico, e per l'eleganza grafica della presentazione.
A very informative site on Peter Greenaway and his films, with detailed reviews and a neat graphic presentation. In Italian. "Best Movie Site - January 2000" to Mauro Filippone.

Comedy Zone Laughter Files
Entertainment site of Stand up comedians, jokes and humorous quotations. Includes links to cartoons and funny TV and film comedy."The Best Movie Site - March 2000" to Ray Chapman".

Flipside Movie Emporium
A newly born movie site with a personality! Weekly movie reviews, interviews & articles, and more--covering everything from new Hollywood hits, independent films, and rare B-movies. In short, "the first stop for all your cinematic cravings." "The Best Movie Site - April 2000 to Michael B. Scrutchin".

Thora Birch Online
Thora Birch has been acting since the age of four. She recently received rave reviews for her role as Kevin Spacey's daughter in the critically acclaimed film "American Beauty". This site honors this extremely talented teenager and provides accurate information to the increasing multitude of Thora fans around the world."The Best Movie Site - August 2000 to Phil Florio".

Everything Romantic!
A site of humorous and irreverant reviews of books, movies, and music as well as my thoughts on life."The Best Movie Site - October 2000 to Jenny Lim".

Cake or death?
Site dedicated to British comedian and actor, Eddie Izzard. "The Best Movie Site - December 2000 to Lyn Nierva".

Collectors' Post
A treasure-trove for collectors selling on-line Theatre, Political and Literary Memorabilia, modern limited-edition engravings and photos taken, printed and signed by the famous Cuban photographer, Osvaldo Salas. Many of the 3,500 items are scanned, all are catalogued and priced. There are also many informative pages, including articles and short biographies of sited actors and writers. "The Best Movie Site - January 2001 to Sydney Higgins".

StoogeWorld is the greatest thing since sliced bread for the serious Three Stooges Collector. I have downloadable Sound Files, Message Forums, Monthly Trivia Contests with prizes, Monthly Polls, a complete Comicography with pics of every cover, a complete Bookography, and of course the infamous Three Stooges Collector’s Vault. If you’re a serious Three Stooges fan, you owe it to yourself to check out "The Best Movie Site - April 2001 to Kevin L. Pentecost".

There was a dream that was Rome... It shall be realized... A comprehensive fan site about Oscar-winner film Gladiator. "The Best Movie Site - April 2001 to Shaun".

The ScriptMaker & Storyboard Tools website
The purpose of the site is primarily to distribute FREE film-making software to the world, and to provide information about the software. External links to award-givers, and to sites relating to movie-making in Wales. "The Best Movie Site - May 2001 to Ian Pegler".

Tributo a Takeshi Kitano
Informazioni, recensioni, articoli, commenti, biografia, bibliografia, interviste, schede dei film, foto... insomma "tutto" sul regista giapponese Takeshi Kitano. A very good and detailed site on Japanese director-actor Takeshi Kitano, in Italian. "The Best Movie Site - June 2001 to Francesco Ganassin".

Anonymomma Does The Movies!
Reviews, comments, fun on the latest flicks, guaranteed by Anonymomma. "The Best Movie Site - June 2001 to the Momma".

Pasha Grishuk, the golden-hearted 2-time olympic champion
A site dedicated to Pasha Grishuk, the 2-time olympic champion in ice-dancing. Includes pictures, information, games, downloads, a forum and much more. "The Best Movie Site - September 2001 to Sandrine Bonzi".

Jedi Apprentice: Fan Dimension
It is a Star Wars fanfiction archive for stories taking place between the Jedi Apprentice Series and Phantom Menace. "The Best Movie Site - September 2001 to Faith Leigh".

In Human Form
In Human Form is a non-profitmaking theatre group based in Richmond-upon-Thames, in England. They make professional theatre accessible to young people. The design brief was to try and create a website that served as an advert for the group, and they have used Flash to try and recreate the feel of a theatrical production as visitors browse the site. It's proved very popular to visitors at the recent Edinburgh Festival. "The Best Movie Site - September 2001 to Stuart Bell".
Starblazer's official site. "The Best Movie Site - October 2001 to Mike Cho".

Graham Abbey
Created for Graham Abbey enthusiasts or newcomers to view his fabulous artistic ability. He is a Canadian actor and member of the Stratford Festival. "The Best Movie Site - November 2001 to Mandy Smith".

Dark Dreams - The Films of Dario Argento
The biggest site on the net dedicated to Italy's premiere horror/giallo film director with news, reviews, filmographies, galleries, forums and more. "The Best Movie Site - March 2002 to Nick Dawe".

The Official Christopher Lee Web
Home of International film star, Christopher Lee. "The Best Movie Site - March 2002 to Juan Aneiros".

Russell Crowe Insider
Site in Spanish. Contains, bio, filmography, galeries, chat, forum, daily updates, fan art, etc. "The Best Movie Site - March 2002 to Laura Racero".

ArchivioKubrick - il database definitivo su Stanley Kubrick
Site in Italian. The ultimate online archive on Stanley Kubrick. "The Best Movie Site - May 2002 to Filippo Ulivieri".

Watching Christopher Walken
"Watching Christopher Walken" explores the actor's careers in theater and film, plus archival interviews, photos, and audio not covered on other fansites. the goal is to present a broader context for understanding the actor's craft, among widely truncated versions available elsewhere. "The Best Movie Site - May 2002 to Jacqui Chen".

Besotted - The Jeffrey Jones Obsession Site
A multimedia rich tribute to Jeffrey Jones, the great character actor. They examine his films, stage and television work, have hundreds of pictures, sounds and fan contributions, plus a message board and many other features for the dedicated fan. "The Best Movie Site - May 2002 to Michele M. McVeigh".

FILMSETS by Gert Schidor
Art Direction and Production Design for film and television. "The Best Movie Site - July 2002 to Gert Schidor".

Movies, music, books, papers on net economy. A site for information and amusement. "The Best Movie Site - July 2002 to Sonia Anepeta".

Other winners:

Merlin's Manifesto - February 2000 to Bagman.
Loving Lecter - The Fan Fiction Site - March 2000 to Michele M. McVeigh.
At the Goddesses' feet - April 2000 to Marco De Lisi.
Films of Natasha Lyonne and Edward Furlong - August 2000 to Gemma Bristow.
The Novel Enterprise - August 2000 to Ruth Stout.

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