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Golden Art Site Winners - 2000

Alone Artist:Sarah Parker
"An artists exploration of the changing definition of the self as it is manipulated by internal and external experiences and passes through an understanding of time that is entirely shaped by its own biological clock".
"Golden Art Site - January 2000" to Sarah Parker for the originality of her artistic work and the elegant and essential presentation at her website.

Art Rose Gallery
Guest Artist April 2000
A virtual gallery offering original graphics, June's works, awards and an exhibition space open to guest artists. "Golden Art Site - January 2000" to June Rydgren for her interactive site, an innovative way of presenting art on the net.

Hajime Yamamura Exhibition - Excavated images
A very talented painter from Japan. "Golden Art Site - February 2000 to Hajime Yamamura".

Willemijn Bouman, visual artist designer
Guest Artist March 2000
A very talented painter from The Netherlands. Her colorful paintings are deeply influenced by the landscapes of Cappadocia, Turkey, where she has a studio. She also realized many designs murals and ceramic applications for architecture. "Golden Art Site - February 2000 to Willemijn Bouman for the great presentation of his artworks".

Hannsjoerg Scheid Seattle Site
Guest Artist May 2000
Site of German producer/composer/musician and artist Hannsjoerg Scheid, currently living in Seattle. A beautiful Flash4 and Non Flash presentation of original music and artworks. "Golden Art Site - March 2000 to Hannsjoerg Scheid".

Virtual Garden Homepage - Prints & Oilpaintings by Per Jadéus
Guest Artist June 2000
In Per's art, fragments of old art forms, such as Renaissance and Baroque gardens and ancient sculptural material, are transformed and dissolved, through other media, into pictures having a worn, second-hand appearence, in an attempt to visualize the flow-of-time concept. A different approach to art, with a style. "Golden Art Site - March 2000 to Per Jadéus".

Max Tyrell - Original Art / Original Music
Guest Artist July 2000
Photo-Collages done from original photographs taken in French Quarter New Orleans as well as many other locations accompanied by funky, dreamy original music inspired by the likes of Eno, Gabriel, Lanois and more... "Golden Art Site - March 2000 to Max Tyrell".

Digital Painting and Poems - Siegfried Schreck
Guest Artist September 2000
Master of 2000 winner

Digital Painting, Poems (tambien en espanol) Songtexte, Songs for Childrens and many more. "Golden Art Site - May 2000 to Siegfried Schreck".

The John Groves Studio
Guest Artist November 2000
The online gallery of John Groves, RSMA, the international marine artist."Golden Art Site - May 2000 to Derek Oakes & John Groves".

Elements of design
Guest Artist October 2000
Elements Of Design contains several galleries of unique fractal art, created by artist, Colleen Deery."Golden Art Site - June 2000 to Colleen Deery".

Igor Tcholaria
Guest Artist December 2000
Site of a Georgian artist living and working in Belgium, Holland and St-Petersburg (Russia)."Golden Art Site - July 2000 to Igor Tcholaria".

Yuri - Art
Guest Artist January 2001
Virtual fine art gallery for the works of Yuri (Giampiero Volpe Prignano) an Italian artist working in Argentina. Finest corporate gifts, awards and plaques. Commercial and decoration murals. Interior design."Golden Art Site - August 2000 to Fabrizio & Giampiero Volpe Prignano".

Pit Kinzer Kunstprojekte
Guest Artist February 2001
Installations, paintings, woodcuts, etchings, cd-projects etc., all by a German polyhedric artist."Golden Art Site - August 2000 to Pit Kinzer".

Gene Gill miniatures
Guest Artist February 2001
Unique one-of-a-kind miniature models of historical landmark buildings and monuments from around the world. A must to see! "Golden Art Site - August 2000 to Gene Gill".

OTWIC - Illustrations, Animations and Cartoons
You will find here exclusively topmost quality in illustration, animation and cartoon by an Austrian artist.
"Golden Art Site - September 2000" to Othmar Wicke.

Pegasus Art Gallery
A non-profit virtual Gallery devoted to showcasing the Art of over 135 artists. Also offers awards for high quality sites.
"Golden Art Site - September 2000" to June Kaminski.

ArtByMath Gallery
Guest Artist April 2001
The award winning Gallery features 196 superb 3d-Raytrace and Ultra Fractal designs by Rene Ertzinger. An amazing "out-of-this-world" experience! Fantastic free screensavers, fun online jigsaw puzzles and much more.
"Golden Art Site - October 2000" to Rene Ertzinger.

Alex Domokos
Guest Artist May 2001
Poems, short stories and novel excerpts of Hungarian author, Alex Domokos. Site includes photos of some of his sculpting and photos from his autobiography "The Price of Freedom".
"Golden Art Site - October 2000" to Alex Domokos & Rita Toews.

Guest Artist March 2001
Master of 2001 Winner

Inspiration for Moser's paintings come from major artists like Goya, Francis Bacon and the Renaissance masters.
"Golden Art Site - October 2000" to Alyam Moser.

Guest Artist June 2001
Photofantasia is the hand-painted black and white photographic art of Willis Greiner and Cheryl Price. Subjects include Mayan ruins, landscapes of Arches and Canyonlands National Parks, rock art from the Southwestern United States and hand-colored portraits of jazz musicians.
"Golden Art Site - October 2000" to Willis Greiner and Cheryl Price.

Blackhole (FM)- The Art of Ismo Jokiaho
Guest Artist June 2001
Contemporary Finnish art."Golden Art Site - December 2000" to Ismo Jokiaho.

Other winners:

Steliart Productions - January 2000 to Stelios L.A. Stavrinides.
Els van Asten, a gallery - February 2000 to Els van Asten.
Woman who are you? The universe of Gabriel Bonmati - February 2000 to Gabriel Bonmati and Michel Parayre.
The Image Laundry - March 2000 to Brian Hüsch.
RWHDesigns Art Gallery - March 2000 to Robert W. Harris.
It's art baby! art! - April 2000 to Rick Santiago.
Original Black & White Photographs of New York City - August 2000 to Chris Nicolella.
Pawisi featuring brain4art - August 2000 to Pawisi.
Camera Obscura - September 2000 to Tom Robbrecht.
Shade of the Wulf - October 2000 to Ferdinand L. Decena.
The Art of Grahame Sydney - November 2000 to Grahame Sydney.
NjG @!! online - December 2000" to Nathan Grant.
3 Yuchi Artists - December 2000" to Mark Maxey.

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