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Approved Site Winners - 2000

Jon Frum Home Page
Information & research on Jon Frum Movement and cargo cults in general. Website is listed as a web resource as well as used by university courses."Approved Site - July 2000" to Dennis William Gaylor.

Pizzerie, ristoranti, spaghetterie, birrerie, ristoranti cinesi e spagnoli a Roma: dove mangiare bene spendendo poco!!! E poi i cornettai della notte, le ricette facili e stuzzicanti ed altro ancora!
A very nice guide to cheap restaurants, pubs, bars in Rome."Approved Site - July 2000" to Maurizio Mencarini e Alessia Polverari.

Internet Tips And Secrets
Tips to help people learn about the internet."Approved Site - July 2000" to Richard Lowe.

Box of Monsters!
Box of Monsters is a monster fan site dedicated to reliving monster memories and keeping an eye on the current re-issue boom."Approved Site - July 2000" to Jimmy.

Global content with special focus on Austria-Philippines, Giant Photo Album, Life in the making....Our reason for being on the www is to reach out in friendship to all! "Approved Site - July 2000" to Arthur Wagner.

Organic Gardens
Organic Gardens is a comprehensive resource on organic gardening. It includes science research projects that offer innovative organic gardening techniques, articles (including an exposé on Ortho’s Roundup), viewer questions and my responses, a personal interview about my experiences as a gardener, a forum and a photo gallery. "Approved Site - August 2000" to Steven Starr.

Children's Charity for families of babies born with Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia (CDH). CDH is a rare birth defect striking 1 in every 2500 babies. This devastating defect has only a 50% survival rate and the cause is not known. Includes many different on-line services for families including listservs, chat, bulletin boards, instant messaging, internal search engine, and more. "Approved Site - August 2000" to Dawn Torrence.

Ba Gua Zhang (Pa Kua Chang)
Learn about the Ba Gua Zhang (Pa Kua Chang) of Lu Shui-Tian as taught by Master Bok-Nam Park. Ba Gua (Pa Kua) is the Chinese internal method for superior health and devastating self-defense. "Approved Site - August 2000" to Francis Hriadil.

Women's Rural Advocacy Programs
Domestic violence information and resources. "Approved Site - September 2000" to Daryl Hrdlicka.

The Art of Speech
Words apropos make things go! For words to be apropos we must learn persuade others into accepting our views. Speech is an artform that people seldom stop to appreciate or study. It is around us everywhere. On TV, radio, in the classroom, on the stage. The Art of Speech web site offers a robust and dynamic environment for all, with access to the Internet style of learning. The site covers introduction to communication through advanced rhetorical technique. Through analysis of theories and systematic practice, users will have substantial materials to prepare them for authentic speech activities, competitive speech activities and life. Team C001146 has created an interactive classroom environment that teachers may use to set up a class, monitor and control the use of the site and what their students do. "Approved Site - September 2000" to Eric, Steve & Watson.

Milwin Kennel
Features our beautiful Australian Shepherds which are bred for correct structure and temperament. Our Aussies win both heart and shows. We promote responsible breeding practices, responsible pet ownership, and pet's rights through stories and peoms. We also offer free dog graphics designed for you web pages. "Approved Site - September 2000" to Debbie Mills.

Mudminnow Fish Information
A site devoted to catching, keeping, and/or studying fish. "Approved Site - September 2000" to Patrick Marshall.

Dolphin Explorer Ltd.
Dolphin Explorer - swim with the dolphins in Auckland, New Zealand. Tours based in the Hauraki Gulf Marine Park. See local Cetacea; dolphins & whales, sea birds & the numerous wildlife living in the beautiful waters surrounding the many islands of the Hauraki Gulf. "Approved Site - October 2000" to Dennis William Gaylor.

Luca & Carla Homepage
Immagini e pensieri dalla Liguria al mondo. A nice site in Italian about Liguria and Genoa. "Approved Site - November 2000" to Carla Marchetti.

Watson's hot Programming Pages
A site for newbie programmers, offering lots of examples with sourcecode and for everyone looking for some useful and fun programs plus info and links about programming. "Approved Site - November 2000" to Johannes Wallroth.

Rocking T Ranch & Poultry Farm
Pete and Justine raise numerous breeds of poultry and other fowl on their family farm in Central Texas. They have 100+ html pages with hundreds of actual photos or our home, barns, birds, pets and country lifestyle and useful information on poultry. "Approved Site - December 2000" to Pete & Justine Theer.

Travel pictures and general interest photographic web Site, with award winning photos, from India and London plus the Sri Lanka,Mardi Gra, Egypt, Cairo including Sufi dancers, Pyramids, Camel market, Morocco, Ireland, Italy and labrador dogs. "Approved Site - December 2000" to Paul Gapper.

The London25 Phototransitions
This exhibition explores the link between time and memory using computer assisted Phototransitions. Images of London from the period 1969-74 are transformed into the period 1996-2000 using techniques available on most web browsers. "Approved Site - December 2000" to Bryan Morwood.

Other winners:

Hollow Pursuits for Gamers - August 2000 to Richard Strickleton.
Ekpages - August 2000 to Erik Deerly.
The Alien Sheriff - August 2000 to J.J.Cobb & Richard Siskind.
The 63rd Infantry Division Association - August 2000 to Fred Clinton.
Phototreks Photography Workshops and Tours - August 2000 to William Byron Miller.
The Castle Raven - August 2000 to Raven Bren.
#AmigaWorld - The Friendly IRC Channel for Amiga users - August 2000 to David. - August 2000 to Catherine Ruston.
Scott Johnston's Homepage - September 2000 to Sergio Vazquez.
"Amici della Maschera" Association- September 2000" to Emanuele Feronato.
Snow Rogers Elementary School - October 2000 to The Kids & Susan Busenlehner.
Beautiful New Zealand - October 2000 to Dennis William Gaylor.
John Fante - Approved Site - October 2000 to Lorenzo Bolognini. - November 2000 to Lauren Van Hemert.
Petal Perfect Mosaic Gallery - October 2000 to Karen Pimtzner.
Canale 17 - December 2000 to Alberto Giolito.

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