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Best Music Site Winners - 2000/2001

Max Tyrell - Original Music
Funky, dreamy original music inspired by the likes of Eno, Gabriel, Lanois and more..."Best Music Site - July 2000" to Max Tyrell.

The Authorized Graham Nash Site
A child safe rated, user friendly site dedicated to Graham Nash, founder member of The Hollies and CSN&Y. Much to read, photographs to view, Midi files to listen to, music MP3s to download, news and much more. "Best Music Site - September 2000" to Brian Garnett.

Leahy Online
The unofficial website of the Lakefield, Ontario based Celtic family band, Leahy. Contains up to date news, tour dates, upcoming media appearances, articles, profiles, fan interaction, and much more. "Best Music Site - November 2000" to Brenda Wilson.

Liszt Ferenc Memorial Museum And Research Centre Budapest.
The museum is a reconstruction of Liszt's last Budapest flat on the first floor of the old Academy of Music, where the composer lived between 1881 and 1886. The collection of the museum contains his original instruments, furniture, his books, scores and some personal objects and memorabilia. The Liszt Research Centre in the house coordinates Liszt-research in Hungary and abroad as well. English, German, French, Italian, Russian and Hungarian speaking guides are available for visitors, who must book a guide in advance if required. Visitors can also get information about concerts, matinee concerts, conferences, exhibitions organized by the Museum, and also about other significant, Liszt related musical events. "Best Music Site - November 2000" to Agnes S.

The Michael O'Neal Singers
The Michael O'Neal Singers, a symphonic chorus and professional chamber ensemble, perform a diverse repertoire of choral music from masterworks to Broadway favorites. This site features easy navigation, original content, concerts, recordings, audio clips, review spotlight, site search, calendar, message board, newsletters, member information, and a love of choral music. "Best Music Site - December 2000" to Mary Thompson.

A day in the life
Per scoprire o riscoprire i Beatles, forse la più grande rock band di tutti i tempi, sicuramente la più popolare. Mp3, spartiti, midi e tanto altro.
A complete Italian website on The Beatles. "Best Music Site - January 2001" to Francesco Fumarola.

Far East Music
Far East Music is the biggest on-line source of information about the music in the eastern part of Russia. It consists of the following sections: web pages of the local bands and artists; sound recording studios; history of rock-n-roll in the Far East; photo gallery; MP3 archive; legendary people of the Far East rock scene; traditional rockers’ games; huge mass media archive; gallery of paintings of local artists and many other materials about music and the rock-n-roll trivia of the Far East. The web site was nominated the Best Music Resource of Russian Internet (RuNet) in October 1999 by “FUZZ” magazine and in June 2000 it took the Third Place in the “Narodny Site” (People’s Popular Site) contest conducted by web host. This site was built using the unique Flash technology by Macromedia that lets you use interactive animation and database integration. The site includes more than 1500 documents, 1000 pictures and more than 100 Flash clips.! The site is intended for Russian speaking community mostly but it will gradually be translated in English. "Best Music Site - January 2001" to Sanich.

An interesting Italian site on Contemporary Music, the online version of the Konsequenz magazine.
Sito italiano dedicato alla musica contemporanea, versione web dell'omonima rivista. "Best Music Site - February 2001" to Ferdinando De Simone.

Stiefelbein Bluhs Band
The homepage of the Viennese Stiefelbein Bluhs Band. Music samples, lyrics, and all possible information on their latest shows and productions. Includes a very interesting section on the Viennese dialect. In German and English. "Best Music Site - March 2001" to Billy Wotawa.

The Abba - Seal of Music
Everything you need about the favourite music band of the 70s, ABBA. "Best Music Site - April 2001" to Hayrettin Gürkök.

The Official site of the band Unwelcome. "Best Music Site - May 2001" to Cristiana Seia.

Dwayne's Playground
Infos, Sounds and Pictures made by Dwayne. Home of the Eyecatcher Award. "Best Music Site - May 2001" to Dwayne Miller.

The Beethoven Reference Site
A comprehensive site on the life and works of Beethoven. Included are pictures, discussion forum, midi files, mp3's and detailed information. "Best Music Site - May 2001" to Peter Harrison.

StringWorks Online Showroom
StringWorks offers their exclusive line of stringed instruments with the most detailed website in the violin industry - including the recently added "ultra-image" feature. "Best Music Site - May 2001" to Todd French .

The GBYSO site serves the information needs of aspiring young classical musicicians and their parents in the Greater Boston area. "Best Music Site - June 2001" to Peter Nolan.

Carola Online
"Carola Online" is a site dedicated the Swedish female singer Carola, and it provides its visitors with news, faqs, pictures, biography, discography, interactive sections, etc. "Best Music Site - June 2001" to Malin Sandlin.

Wordtext Music Publisher
This is not only a graphically beautiful site but also an educative, full of information and great presentation of Earnestine Rodgers Robinson 's music with downloadable samples and music sheets. "Best Music Site - August 2001" to Todd Robinson.

Music VR
Website design to support the project of a new genre of computer simulation game created by Mike Oldfield called "Music VR". "Best Music Site - August 2001" to Stephanie Renard.

Tamboo - the official Rupert Hine website
Discover Rupert Hine, the famous record producer, artist and songwriter, through his great original site. Biography, discography, music, videos, mailing list, and much more! Original graphics and navigation, useful content, a must for all music lovers! "Best Music Site - October 2001" to Tim Catinat.

Tout Ludwig van Beethoven en Français
Biography of the compositor and his family, bibliography, list of musical works and over 300 midi files, places where to meet Beethoven (Bonn, Wien, Paris, USA), genealogical trees, immortal beloved amd much more. In French. "Best Music Site - October 2001" to Dominique Prevot.

High Strung Music
The Music, poetry, fiction and essays of Dean Kisling. Original instrumental music on acoustic guitar and banjo. An ongoing series of essays about consciousness and spirit. "Best Music Site - November 2001" to Dean Kisling.

La Danza Apocalyptica Balcanica, furious ride across the musical languages of the Balkan with only one thought in mind: Dance! Right here and right now, for it could be your last! "Best Music Site - November 2001" to Bojan Budimac.

The Rolling Stones - worldwide 7" discography
The most complete guide to the Rolling Stones 7" worldwide discography, from 1963 to present; thousands of entries and illustrations. "Best Music Site - December 2001" to Tim Catinat.

Tiefenrausch is the new program of Berlin singer Isabel Tuengerthal. In 1999 the Berlin press awarded her for best newcomer due to her debut "Lieder gegen die Schwerkraft" ("Songs against Gravity")."Best Music Site - December 2001" to Joscha Unger.

Other winners:

Hannsjoerg Scheid Seattle Site - July 2000 to Hannsjoerg Scheid.
Metallicata - September 2000 to Forest.
Instrumental Lab - November 2000 to Helmi Idris.
Bead - fall back to where it all begins - December 2000 to Glenn Knarr
Strangedayz Mp3 Services - February 2001 to Stephen McIntosh.
Jerry Vale Millennium - April 2001 to Scott F. Rogers.
Dubravka Jovicic - April 2001 to Slavko Ilic.
Spring Woods High School Orchestra - July 2001 to Catvu Luong.

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