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Best Music Site Winners - 2002/2003

Roman Picnic
Site dedicated to danceproducer Roman Picnic. Site contains downloads and streams of some original Roman Picnic recordings. "Best Music Site - January 2002" to Albert Lugtmeyer.

First Russian site about Celine Dion in English. "Best Music Site - January 2002" to Sasha Homichevsky.

Jim Phelps, Guitarist
Personal all-original site with sound clips, guitar-art, writings, photos of my guitar collection, useful links for musicians. "Best Music Site - January 2002" to Jim Phelps.

JerryD's Music Store
One of the best musical resources, including an award program. "Best Music Site - January 2002" to Jerry D.

Terry Oldfield
Official site of musician/composer/multi-instrumentalist Terry Oldfield. Information on TV and movie soundtracks, along with his over 20 albums. Photo galleries, profile, listening room, chatroom, message board, etc. "Best Music Site - March 2002" to Carole Martin.

Gitar ART Festival Official Site
The 3rd International Gitar ART Festival Official Site. "Best Music Site - May 2002" to Slavko Ilic.

Welcome to the Music of FarLand
FarLand is a music project devoted to traditional "folk" tunes, acoustic songs and some experiments. This site provides audio samples, lyrics and more. Musicians will find some tips on web audio and can apply for their Music Site Award. "Best Music Site - June 2002" to Bernd Owsnicki-Klewe.

Coti Sorokin official website. Music, videos, webclips (animation with music). "Best Music Site - June 2002" to Susana Romano.

Reason to Rock: Rock Music as Art Form
An online book on the aesthetics of rock music. The site identifies key aesthetic elements, and offers detailed analysis of exemplary recordings. "Best Music Site - June 2002" to Herb Bowie.

The Hip Surgery Music Guide
An online reference exploring unusual music, fringe artists, and way-out sounds! "Best Music Site - June 2002" to Myke O'Clock.

Solo Guitar Society
Free Classical and Brazilian sheet music for guitar students. Original transcriptions and sound samples. "Best Music Site - July 2002" to Mauro Pavanelli.
The official Elmer Bernstein website celebrates the distinguished career of the Academy Award-winning composer of such films as The Magnificent Seven, To Kill a Mockingbird, The Age of Innocence, True Grit and Hawaii. "Best Music Site - July 2002" to Mark Kaproff.

The Muses' Muse Songwriting Resource
Your place for songwriting tips, tools, interactivities and connecting with other songwriters around the world. It includes popular message boards, articles, interviews, songwriting organization listings, copyright & publishing information, songwriting spotlights, a free monthly newsletter, weekly chat, and much more. "Best Music Site - August 2002" to Jodi Krangle.

Jazz Moods
Jazz Moods ofers a cool selection of the UK's leading jazz artists for corporate, private and commercial events. Their web site is easy to use, great looking and I love the music samples and graphics. "Best Music Site - August 2002" to Jason Spiller.

Kamkars Music Group
Kamkars Music Group, a kurdish family of seven brothers and one sister from Sanandaj which are widely recognized as one the leading musical ensembles in Iran today. "Best Music Site - August 2002" to Nima Tehrani.

Muzic Street
Music resource. Free advertising and promotion for independent bands and anyone seeking music employment. Also music news, reviews, charts, shops and links to music resources. "Best Music Site - August 2002" to Tracey Spencer.
A fansite totally dedicated to the best drummachine ever built; Roland TR-909. Site contains all the info you need about this mesmering piece of art.Also a page for every other great TR drummachines. "Best Music Site - October 2002" to Albert Lugtmeyer.

Joy Norman
Music site on singer/songwriter Joy Norman, a seventeen year old lady from Newfoundland, Canada who just made her first CD and is making waves around the world with her unique music. Joy co-wrote 2 of the songs on her CD "Lately". "Best Music Site - October 2002" to Cathy Devereaux.

Marsha Long: Soprano and Instrumentalist
Essays, photos, sketches, RealAudio, a touch of Flash, describe the life and artistry of Dr. Marsha Long who sings in 14 languages and plays 16 instruments on her latest CD. "Best Music Site - October 2002" to Jeffrey Mickler Ph.D.

The Official site of Mick Fleetwood
The Official Site of Mick Fleetwood, co-founder of Fleetwood Mac, takes you through an incredible audio-visual journey featuring video clips and interviews, music clips, virtual postcards, a virtual drum set, free music software and music downloads, Mick's personal Journal and Mick's Gallery. Don't miss the discography of Mick and the band's music from the early years up to the present. You can also join a chat room and interact with other fans. Constantly updated and full of content, concert and appearance updates and news not found anywhere else! "Best Music Site - November 2002" to Jonathan Todd.

The Guitar School - Iceland
Free educational sheet music for classical guitar. Collection and arrangements Eythor Thorlaksson. "Best Music Site - November 2002" to Sveinn Eythorsson.

27 Gioda Home Page
A very nice musical site with a great design. "Best Music Site - November 2002" to Bruno Aliprandi.

The Official Blue Fan Club
The official site for UKs no.1 boy band - BLUE. Concept and design were developed to appeal to teenage boy band fans. Many parts of the site can be administered externally through behind the scenes admin sections developed in PHP. "Best Music Site - November 2002" to Ido Zucker.

Erich W. Korngold Web Site
A site devoted to composer E.W.Korngold, with discography, interviews, and much more. "Best Music Site - November 2002" to Eleftherios Neroulias.

Alejandro Lerner
The Official site of the Argentine singer Alejandro Lerner. Music, video, e-cards, animations,lyrics and more. Best Music Site - January 2003 to Susana Romano.

Johnny Logan - The Official Website
Three-time Eurovision Song Contest winner Johnny Logan is known and respected for his great talent as a singer and songwriter. Best Music Site - January 2003 to Charlotte de Stoppelaar.

DJ Snoop Trance & House Net Radio
DJ Snoop Trance & House Net Radio - the place where trance & house beats meets the listener. This Station is Cool - Deep - Different and Online for you with the latest trance & house tunes. 24/7 pure music. Best Music Site - February 2003 to Wilhelm von Cleef.

Jazz Alley XG Midis
Jazz Alley XG Midis host only original xg midis by some of the best xg composers around the world. Our goal is to provide you access and freedom to collect original, high quality XG midis from professional and amateur composers. Best Music Site - March 2003 to John McDougald.

Hannsjoerg Scheid Seattle Site Version 4.5
Flash5 presentation of German musician - composer - producer - Hannsjoerg Scheid, living in Seattle. Best Music Site (confirmed) - March 2003 to Hannsjoerg Scheid.

D&N Music Site
Music site of Dragan Milinkovic and Nikola Kitanovic with music suite PYLADES composed during NATO bombing on Serbia and home for Golden Lyre award program. Best Music Site - April 2003 to Dragan Milinkovic and Nikola Kitanovic.

Bibliotheque de la guitare classique
Téléchargez gratuitement des pages de musique pour guitare classique. Download free sheet music for classical guitar. Best Music Site - April 2003 to Jean François Delcamp.

Female Drummer Digital Library
This is a collection of artist profiles, digital media, links and information about, and of interest to female drummers. Our artists and information include all styles of percussion and international individuals and techniques. Best Music Site - May 2003 to Sharon Schmidt.

John McLaughlin Archives
A comprehensive resource for Jazz and guitar and John McLaughlin including new releases, reviews, music, video, photo images, posters, album covers. Please note the extensive use of Access-Object Javascript Database to provide dynamic site menus and content. Advanced javascript programming features can be seen throughout, allowing user-defined information filtering (e.g., Albums Archives) and display preferences (e.g., Images Archives). Best Music Site - June 2003 to J.F.Derry.

Jontom official website, including audio resources, electronic music lessons and more. Best Music Site - June 2003 to Luca.

Dunbar Central
Portfolio by David Arthur Dunbar. My music, photos, wallpaper, and more. Best Music Site - July 2003 to David Arthur Dunbar.

Greg Lake
Greg Lake maintains this site as a place where interested parties can go to find, see, hear, watch and discuss both his past & present musical accomplishments. Best Music Site - July 2003 to Streamteam.

Cecilia Noel and The Wild Clams
Cecila Noel official web site. Music, videos, photo gallery and more. Best Music Site - July 2003 to Susana Romano.

Official Website of DJ Jazzy Joe
All the info, pics, charts, updates and more on India's leading disc jockey, Jazzy Joe. Best Music Site - July 2003 to Jazzy Joe.

Eclectic - the official site
The official website for Louisville, KY's hottest rock band. Best Music Site - July 2003 to Megan Richardson.

Chopin: the poet of the piano
An interactive site dedicated to Chopin with information, music, games and quizzes. Best Music Site - November 2003 to Anh Luong Tran.

David Lanz
Official site of Grammy nominated composer and pianist David Lanz. The site was recently completely redesigned for better navigation, and also to add new areas: listening room for those not familiar with David's music, new photo galleries, message board, free downloads, wallpapers, and an online shop. Best Music Site - November 2003 to Carole Martin.

Twilight Birds
TWILIGHT BIRDS like to surprise their audience by mixing different styles. A mix of atmospheric rock, electropop and trip-hop, THE AGE OF REASON offers a great richness of sound and a variety of atmospheres, two characteristic elements of the music that could be called Trip-Rock. The whole is supported by cynical, ironical or personal lyrics, which remind us that our times are not as reasonable and reasoned as we are led to believe. How about you? Do you believe you are in the age of reason? Best Music Site - November 2003 to Haener Phiyl.

Andrea Bocelli Official site
The official website of world famous Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli. Best Music Site - December 2003 to Massimiliano Ballanti.

The Amarillo Opera
The official site of the Amarillo Opera Company, featuring season info, opera synopsis, Opera facts and myths, outreach programs, audition information, and more. Best Music Site - December 2003 to Trinity Prescott.

Beyond Thunder
This is a site dedicated to the music of Andy Taylor the lead guitarist of Duran Duran. Best Music Site - December 2003 to Yvonne Johnson.

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