Gifts 1999-2002

I sincerely thank all these webmasters for the gifts they sent me.
Every one of them means a lot to me and is proudly displayed in these pages.
Thanks again,

Art/Artist of Excellence Award December 23, 1999
A Christmas Gift from Dobermann's Forever.
Thanks to Bitten Jönsson!

Iron-Dragon year

February 6, 2000
Happy Tibetan New Year, Barbara :-) Thomas and I would like to wish you a creative,inspiring, healthy & powerful male Iron-Dragon year (5.2.2000 - 24.1.2001). The male iron-dragon year stands for starting new projects, reorganization of one's life, enforcing one's idealistic ambitions, fulfilling one's visions, using one's individualistic power in a wise but determined way, overcoming disturbances, enhancing self-confidence and being generous to others. It's an energetic year, giving rise to celebrations and grandiose projects. A year of surprises, when an opportunity can be grasped or lost.
With rainbows from Ireland, Hans & Thomas

October 15, 2000
A new gift presented by my friends in Ireland, Hans and Thomas.
Imagine how loving kindness could change our world!

December 22, 2000
Happy Holidays to the winners of A Scoff an' Scuff Award.
We wanted to take this opportunity to wish you and your loved ones a Happy Holiday and a great 2001.
Gary and Debbie

June 3, 2002
Hello and a beautiful day: -)
By coincidence I found your marvelous side and I must envyless confess that you have a wonderful PAGE. There both the layout and navigation is correct and one sees the laborious work being you into your PAGE.
I wish you still much joy to their PAGE and naturally many visitors: -)And there your PAGE so well pleased me I would like to lend my Award to you.
From the far Germany dear greetings to you - where always you also live and all love and property to you and your family.
Their devoted German knight: MGB

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