Awards 2000

I sincerely thank all these webmasters for the time spent reviewing my site and for their most distinguished awards.
Every award means a lot to me and is proudly displayed in these pages.
Thanks again,

May 21, 2000
Congratulations! You have won the screaming-art bronze award! Your site has very nice layout and design, and very nice contents, congratulations and keep up the great work!

May 22, 2000
Congratulations, you are a winner of "The Standing Ovation Award".
In reviewing your site I have found it to be of high quality and value, as well as being clear, concise, informative, kid-safe, and content-rich.
The amount of time and effort you have put into your contribution to the web is evident as well as is the knowledge you possess concerning your subject matter. You should be very proud of the work you have done.
Sincerely, Laurie Swigart

Program closed

May 23, 2000
Congrats Barbara!
Your site impressed me so much you qualify for my award. You've done well with your site. The design and layout is great. Also easy navigation of which I like. I can see you have worked hard on it and it shows the effort. Keep up the good work! Jules

Program closed

May 24, 2000
Your web site has won the " Imran's Informations Excellence award " In reviewing your site we have found it to be of high quality and value. This award is given out to outstanding websites. For this award we review the sites in layout, load time, links that work, graphics, content, informative, etc. Your site is easy to navigate, informative and well designed. My compliments on a job well done. Keep it up, superb work, we enjoyed surfing your site. And we hope you enjoy receiving this award as much as we enjoy giving it. Again, CONGRATULATIONS and thank you for the pleasure your web site has given to my Evaluators whilst visiting your particular area.
Best Regards,Imran

Program closed

May 25, 2000
Your site has been evaluated by the PeaceWork Certified Sites Judges' Panel and has been designated a Silver Certified Site! This Certification assures your visitors that your site is attractive, has interesting content, few (if any) dead links and navigates easily. It also assures you that all your hours of design and research have not been in vain. Our panel is comprised of five judges with differing levels of Web expertise. We are all graphic designers, and that in itself tells folks a lot about your site.
Thank you for submitting and again, congratulations. Sincerely,
The PeaceWork Certified Site Judges' Panel
Jef, Cyd, Tig, Emma-Kate and Ramey

May 27, 2000
Hello Barbara
Your interesting and informative site has a great design, wonderful artwork and nice photos. It definitely qualifies for the PhotoM@ze Award.Congratulations!

Program closed

May 29, 2000
Congratulations! Your site is the winner of Great Art Site Award. Your site is listed at
Thanks for showing me a great site!
Linda Causey

June 8, 2000
CONGRATULATIONS Your Web Site Barbara Tampieri Home Page has been awarded the PANDA’S PRIDE Bronze AWARD.
Your artwork is beautiful!You have successfully impressed us with your site at the level that few sites can do, so in honor of that we are awarding you with our Panda’s Pride Honorable Mention Award. Know that you have, in our opinion, put together a site that would fit into the top 25% of all web sites worldwide. Display our award with pride!

Eventagentur Award

June 10, 2000
Guten Tag und Herzlichen Glückwunsch!
Sie haben mit Ihrer Homepage, den EVENTAGENTUR.COM - EUROPEAN BEST OF ARTIST AWARD gewonnen!
Dieser Award richtet sich speziell an Künstler, Musiker, Bands, Künstler-und Verantaltungsagenturen uws. Außerdem an Homepages, die sich mit dem Showbusiness im weitesten Sinn beschäftigen.
Mit zauberhaften Grüßen

Program closed

June 10, 2000
Congratulation, Your site is great, and you won our special award. Also you are lucky because it's our first month to post the winners in a forever winner directory at:
Best regards, M. Hafez

Dragon Award

June 22, 2000
I have taken a look at your page and liked what I saw!I have awarded you the Dragon award!
Its Cool people like you that make the internet a great place to hang out!
Anthony Bellville

DailyHotsite Award

July 12, 2000
Dear Webmaster,
Someone has been nice enough to nominate your site as a DailyHOTsite best of the Internet Pick-of-the-Day.
DailyHOTsite looks at several areas when picking our DailyHOTsite selection; 1) content and 2) layout.
After reviewing your site we have unanimously decided to give you the DailyHOTsite Pick-of-the-Day award.
Again congratulations,

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