Awards 2001/2002

I sincerely thank all these webmasters for the time spent reviewing my site and for their most distinguished awards.
Every award means a lot to me and is proudly displayed in these pages.
Thanks again,

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November 13, 2001
Hi Barbara,
I must admit that I was impressed firstly with the volume of information on your site on the general subject of art. Sites on such a subject are well-suited to a multimedia such as the Internet. As for design, I was generally happy with it, and an interesting choice of colours (in the main site) that suit each other well.
Your site achieved a total score of 70.5 out of 84, which is more than enough to qualify you for the LTW Site Sensation Bronze award - congratulations!
I wish you well, and hope that your web site continues to be a success.
Kindest regards,
Luke Wright
Program Owner, LTW Site Sensation Awards

November 14, 2001
Hi Barbara,
Thank you for applying for my award. I have visit your site several times. The site is wonderful. The colors, the navigation and the contents is outstanding. It was a pleasure to visit!
Congratulations to a job well done! I am very happy to present you with my "The Red Paw Award".
Thank you once again and good luck for the future.
Eva Lindqvist Fagerström
Swedish Golden Retrievers Raspberry Robin et al.

December 10, 2001
Dear Barbara,
I'm honored to present you my "Gold" award as a reward for the help you gave me creating my award program. I hope you accept this award.

This program has closed

December 14, 2001
Greetings Lady Barbara!
It was indeed my honor to have been your escort through the labyrinth of passageways behind the Blacksmith Shoppe in Awardsville, and now it is my great honor to bestow upon your personage the title Master of Awards!
The criteria is deceptively difficult, as we, and now you, have discovered. You did an excellent job in the scoring compared to some programs we have seen.
Congratulations! I would pat you on the back, but I did that once before with a winner and the poor fellow is still in a cast. Solitaire says I should just present the award and not harm the winners. I will follow M'Lady's instructions.
So, please accept the enclosed award certifying your accomplishment. It comes with hearty congratulations (but no back patting) from myself, Irwin (the old wizard), and the Awardsville Staff.
Once again, Lady Barbara, my pleasure!
For the Awardsville Staff,
Aganon (the dragon)

December 28, 2001
Dear Barbara
I'm pleased to inform you now that I've decided to honor it with the El Fabi Award One Star, Serial B30/01
Reasons for the awarding:
Since the time when I visited your project the first time I was convinced of it's structural and graphical visualization, which is both harmoniously and matching in colours; it's straight and lineal but not wich a tendence to become boring - and last not least it's an inspiring frame for the presented content within.
I liked the different galleries and presentations such as the section about the Dolomites or especially the part about the artwork of Giuseppe Tampieri. Although I didn't like the quite frequent appearance of some Java Applets (I'm still not a fan of them) I finally hold the opinion that you've created a convincing web project with several very interesting contents wrapped in an attractive layout and design.
Congratulations and, of course, un bellissimo capodanno,

December 32, 2001
Dear Barbara
Allow me to offer your site a small gift from the CPSnet Web Awards. This gift is the "Art & Design" Seal, that it will be offered only to a very small number of Gold and Purple Seal awardees at the sole discretion of our evaluators. This is not an award anyone can apply. It will be offered, without any other reason whatsoever, to sites with outstanding artistic content and web design, and only those will eventually receive this gift (so far about 1% of all reviewed sites). The Gift Seal is personalized, as you can see.
Thank you for your work towards a better Internet, your site is really a contribution to the Human knowledge.
Carlos Paula Simões

December 32, 2001
Dear Barbara
We at the CPSnet Web Awards are proud to declare that your website titled "Barbara Tampieri Homepage", has been considered by our panel of evaluators the best site evaluted and awarded in the year of 2001 by both our award programs, "The High In The Sky Award(R)" and The Excellent Site!(tm) Award".
Your website is a feast for the eyes and for the spirit... an outstanding presentation, an excellent web design, brilliant and breathtaking images, ease of navigation, interactivity... "Barbara Tampieri Homepage", besides the artistic content of great quality, is, on itself, an art piece, a jewel, a masterpiece...
It has, therefore, been awarded the "Best Site of the Year Seal" in December of 2001.
Congratulations and an Happy New Year!
Best regards from the Webmaster,
Carlos Paula Simões, from Portugal

January 3, 2002
Hello Barbara,
I have reviewed your web site and found it to be outstanding.
The design, navigation, and content are excellent. Please keep up the great work and accept my Gold award. Display it proudly on your web site because you have earned it.
Dave Baxter

January 5, 2002
Your site, Barbara Tampieri Home Page is A Perfect World Award winner!
This awards program is rated 3.0 at Award Sites!
Thank you for sharing your great site.
Linda Causey
A Perfect World

Program closed

February 2, 2002
Honk Honk Honk!
Hi! Fred F. Flamingo would like to thank you for visiting his corner of the internet. He'd like to inform you that he enjoyed your site and found it worthy of the Fred Award of Excellence.
Fred only gives his award to web sites that he thinks rock! Being a flamingo, he's kind of picky. Anyway, he is quite selective on who gets to display his award and stamp of approval, so you can be assured your site rocks!
Fred and Angeline (the head flamingo keeper)

February 8, 2002
Hello Barbara,
After doing a thorough review of your site, it gives me great pleasure to award you with my Gold Award. You have definitely created a site that not only makes me say WOW, but you have a place that is a real pleasure to visit in all aspects! It is quite obvious that you have put your heart and soul into creating your site and are well deserving of this award. Please continue to share your special gift the way that you do!
Doug Lang

February 13, 2002
Dear Barbara
Thank you for allowing me to evaluate your site Barbara Tampieri Home Page. Following the evaluation I am pleased to inform you that your site has achieved the Valkyrie's Silver Award. The Silver Award represents design excellence in all areas with great content.
Lynda Valkyrie
Awards Manager.

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