Awards 2001

I sincerely thank all these webmasters for the time spent reviewing my site and for their most distinguished awards.
Every award means a lot to me and is proudly displayed in these pages.
Thanks again,

September 01, 2001
Congratulations! Your site has been chosen as the winner of the Moonlight Award in Gold for August 2001.
Thank you for giving me the opportunity to evaluate your site "Barbara Tampieri Home Page". You have an outstanding website, professionally designed and showing pleasing graphics.
It is a great contribution of creativity and great content to the WWW. You set high standards, that are worthy to be aspired.
I hope, you accept this award as a little token of gratitude.
Kindest regards
Sylvie P.

Program closed

September 18, 2001
Your site is an artistic feast!! It is an honor to present to you our Elite Art award.
Patrisha Renz
Artist's Choice

Program closed

September 18, 2001
Hallo Barbara,
nach eingehender Prüfung freuen wir uns, Dir den Blanki's Text & Design Award in Silber verleihen zu dürfen. :-) Begründung (immer dran denken - unsere Meinung, die nicht unbedingt maßgebend sein muß):
Persönliches Gefallen: Eine schöne Seite mit viel Inhalt... man kann sich sehr lange dort aufhalten...
Summa summarum: Silber-Award
Eine persönliche Anmerkung:
Schön gestaltet mit Design, das fanden wir recht fein. Brauchten uns auch nicht beeilen, konnten viel Zeit darum verweilen, es gab ja viel zu sehen... empfehlenswert, dorthin zu gehen... :-)
Einen netten Gruß
Werner (und Familie)

September 24, 2001
Dear Ms Tampieri
Congratulations! It is with great pleasure that we award your website the Papillon Graphics Silver Award for Web Excellence.
What a beautifully smooth and highly creative website you have created, with rich interesting content and fabulous quality photographs. I enjoyed it very much and will certainly return to send one of your postcards.
Keep up the good work.
Kind regards
John Moss

September 27, 2001
Hello Barbara,
I am pleased to write that your site, Barbara Tampieri Home Page has earned Healing Intent's "Gold Intention Award."
Your site scored 144 out of 150 in meeting the selection criteria:
Design - 50/50
Summary: Aesthetic, well thought-out design navigation is wonderful - coding is expertly done; good download time;
Writing - 44/50
Summary: Family friendly, aesthetic use of space, graphics and layout to accentuate text. Translations are a bonus.
Artistic Flair - 50/50
Summary: graphics are rich and classic. Very visually appealing. Good download time for graphics.
All the Best to You,

October 1st, 2001
Dear Barbara,
Thank you for participating in the Beehive Awards Program. We Bees have buzzed the nominated Web site:
Barbara Tampieri Home Page at http://digilander.iol.iy/barbaratampieri/.
Its review score of 92 has earned it our WeB Pix Award! Congratulations! We found your reader-friendly site easy to navigate, attractive, full of great content, and a great service to the Internet community. Thank you for your commitment to Web excellence!
Again, congratulations on earning the WeB Pix Award.
Have a great day! You deserve it!
Bee well,
Míc Miller

October 3, 2001
Hello Barbara,
the DandieStar Award Team thanks for your application and we were proud of visiting and reviewing your website.
Barbara Tampieri Homepage is something special in every respect. Besides some remarkable own artisitic works e.g. Giuseppe Tampieri's "The official site of a master of Italian fine Arts", you are also offering an exhibition "Guest Artists of the Month".
Your website is full of content and requires full concentration of your visitors. In addition you can enjoy art at its best. In recognition of your great work we want to award you with the DandieStarTopInfo Award Two Stars.
Congratulations and best regards

Program closed

October 8, 2001
I want to congratulate you on winning a Silver Elite Web Award for Excellent Content. Your site is well designed, with an easy to use navigation system. The site contains interesting content on the artists and their art work. You have a great site!
Thank you for applying for an Elite Web Award, and congratulations!
Susan (webmaster Elite Web Awards)

Program closed

October 11, 2001
Hi and Congratulations!
I am pleased to announce that your submission for my "Webmaster Award of Excellence" has been approved. Your site was reviewed against the criteria and you have won the Webmaster Platinum Award!!
Job well done! :o)
Ray "TinyRay" Grier

Program closed

October 14, 2001
Dear Barbara Tampieri,
Congratulations! Your site has earned the Polymnia Award in Silver from Parnassus Elite. Well done.
Laudatio: The use of color in your site is simply fantastic, and the originality and creativity shown is excellent. I enjoyed perusing your postcard section and playing with the puzzles, and Giuseppe's drawings especially impressed me - he is quite masterful. All in all, Barbara Tampieri's Homepage is a delight for the eyes.
Again, it has been a pleasure to review your site, Barbara. It adds beauty to the Internet, and for that I thank you. ;)
Owner, Parnassus Elite

Program closed

October 15, 2001
It is my pleasure to award your site the 42nd Street silver award.
Only creative sites that have great navigation, layout, and original content win our award and your site certainly qualifies!
Thank you for applying for our award.
42nd Street

October 16, 2001
Hi Barbara
Congratulations! I am pleased to offer you the Superb! Website 200 Award! To qualify for this prestigious award, a site must have already won over 200 other awards, including two or more of the World's Top Awards, which is an impressive achievement. Your site meets this criteria, and you have earned a Superb! Website 200 Award. Please wear it with pride for very few websites will qualify for this award!
You have created an outstanding website, one that is widely recognized for its excellence, and the Internet is a better place because of your talent and efforts. Thank you for this inspiring gallery of international artists!

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