Awards 2000

I sincerely thank all these webmasters for the time spent reviewing my site and for their most distinguished awards.
Every award means a lot to me and is proudly displayed in these pages.
Thanks again,

November 4, 2000
Congratulations!!! Your site, as listed above, has been chosen as a winner of the Kokopelli Award in Gold according to points you scored. This award is not automatic and in fact only the second gold we awarded so far. We were impressed by the hard work you put into your site. Thank you for applying for the award and sharing your site with us.
Blessed be! Shalom.
Elsina and Daniel - Israel.

Ivena's Awards Paradise

November 4, 2000
Hi Barbara! :) Thanks for your interest in my web awards. I've already visited your site and found it worthy of my *Web Excellence SILVER Award*....

Ivena's Awards Paradise well as my *Elegant Site Award*. It has been a pleasure surfing at your site, and I hope you'll display my awards proudly at your site.

November 4, 2000
Hi Barbara,
I visited your site today and think you have done a great job. Therefore, it gives me great pleasure in presenting you with the Award of Excellence-Silver.
Have a great day!

November 5, 2000
Hallo Barbara,
H E R Z L I C H E N   G L Ü C K W U N S C H ! !
Sehr gut hat mir der Aufbau Deiner Page gefallen; das Material, dass Du zusammengetragen hast ist ja enorm. Die Qualität des Materials ist sehr gut aufbereitet und die Idee mit dem Bildaufbau über Layers im selben Fenster war auch mal was neues. Ein wenig stört noch der Aufbruch des Fensters in der 800 x 600er Auflösung, aber sonst eine sehr gelunge Homepage In der Anlage findest Du den Award für deine Homepage. Es soll als Auszeichnung für Deine Mühe und Arbeit dienen. Von daher besteht keine Pflicht ihn einzubinden. Wenn Du es trotzdem tun möchtest, glaube ich nicht, daß ich Dir den Quellcode mitschicken muß. Ein Platz in meiner Awardhalle ist Dir auf jeden Fall sicher :-)
Happy Photoshopping

November 5, 2000
You have won the 'Björn Olsson's GOLD Webdesign Award'. The award only given to websites with good webdesign.
Björn Olsson, Awardmaster

November 5, 2000
I've found your site to be exceptional in design, content and layout. The award I've attached is rarely given except to sites that are extremely well executed and excel in content, design, functionality and are brilliant in some special way. Your site has more than qualified in these areas. Please accept this award as a token of gratitude for setting high quality standards for all webmasters to aspire to on the internet.
Best regards,
Theresa Bennett,

November 7, 2000
Thank you for applying for one of my awards. I found your site to be very nicely laid out and it contains some truly wonderful artwork! I like the "look" and the aesthetics of the site and the overall design. Please accept my award and link it back to

November 12, 2000
We have some great news concerning your recent submission for the JEHP Award. We are happy to announce that your website has won our Silver Award and has been added to our Award Winner's list.
Again, CONGRATULATIONS and thank you for the pleasure your website has given to us during our visit.
JEHP Award

This program has closed

November 13, 2000
Hi Barbara Tampieri,
We had reviewed your site. It was very nice and fun experience for us, the judges. We would like to thank you for making Internet a better place. Pages like yours are rare in the Net. Once again, we are here to tell you that you have won an award!
~.~.~.~ Congratulations!~.~.~.~
You have won the MERIT AWARD.
Anyway, thanks once again for inviting to your site and making the Internet a better place...
On the behalf of the judges,
Thu Yain

November 13, 2000
Your site has been reviewed and awarded the "Cutting Edge Silver Award". Excellent layout and graphics. It is obvious you take great pride in your work as demonstated by the fine care your site shows.
Score: 80
Your site has been added and linked on our winners page with your new site address.
Congratulations again,

November 13, 2000
Dear Award apply'er!
We at The European Distant Suns (EDS) has received your request for our award.
You are now the owner of an EDS Award. You have a very nice and functional web site. Clean smooth layout and some fine pictures.
We hope, that you have been encouraged to continue the work with your homepage.
So, good luck with your web site in the future. Again good luck and keep on pushing.
Best Regards
Michael H Jensen
President & Authorized Agent
Distant Suns Support - Europe

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