Awards 2001

I sincerely thank all these webmasters for the time spent reviewing my site and for their most distinguished awards.
Every award means a lot to me and is proudly displayed in these pages.
Thanks again,

January 28, 2001
Hello Barbara,
Congratulation !! You've won my 3rd Class bronze Award.
Your site is the first winner site in other language as german, you can proud of it.
Greatings from Germany
Hofrichter's Awards

January 30, 2001
Hi Barbara,
thank you very much for nominating your web site "Barbara Tampieri Home Page" for my True Believers Award. Your photos, the artwork of the many-sided Guiseppe Tampieri as well as the guest artists' section are most beautiful and interesting. And so is the whole design of your web site. By the way, the glamourous movie star postcard collection is amazing too. I truly enjoyed visiting your pages.
I'd be very happy if you accepted my True Believers Award.
Have a great day,

February 3, 2001
You have won my Gold Award of Excellence for your website.
I found your site pleasing, well-organized, easy to navigate and recognized the hard work that you have put into it.

February 4, 2001
Hi Barbara...
we are pleased to inform you that the Award of Excellence has been awarded to your site for excellent content layout, ease of navigation, and eye pleasing color balance. Your choice of beautifully done graphics compliments the site extremely well and conveys the message of what your site is about. Congratulations for a job well done.

February 6, 2001
Hi Barbara...
I am proud to present to you the Liver Lovers Gold Award for excellent webdesign. Your site scored an amazing 106 points out of 110 possible. You have built a site that is fastloading, wonderfull original artwork and design. Great coding and fully functional in several computers. As this award is very hard to win, you can see this site as one of the truly best information sites on the internet!
Once again, many thanks for inviting me to your lovely site!
Kindest regards
Tobias Strandh

February 10, 2001
Your site has won the "Design Excellence Award".Because the award is very prestigious, that means that your site is one of the absolute best on the Internet. Many sites enter, but very few makes the cut. We extend our sincerest congratulations to you for the hard work you invested in creating a successful web site and we were impressed with the standard of quality you provided for viewing.

February 12, 2001
Your site, "Barbara Tampieri's Home Page," has qualified for the Beacon Award for Outstanding Web Sites. Your site scored 97 out of 105 points.
I found your site to be beautifully designed, with some good-looking art and photos. And of course, your own award program is well-respected.
Congratulations on an outstanding web site.
Vance Elderkin
Beacon Award for Outstanding Web Sites

Program closed

February 21, 2001
We have recognised your artwork as remarkable and a proof of beauty, a wonderful addition to the web. We would like to offer you our Gold Art Award.
Kind Regards,

February 21, 2001
innanzi tutto scusaci per il ritardo, ma come si suol dire meglio tardi che mai.....
Da una attenta analisi, il nostro staff ha deciso di assegnarti il seguente award per il tuo sito. cordialmente
lo staff di Tdl.

Program closed

February 28, 2001
Greetings :
Congratulations, your site has passed the tech analysis with a score of 55 and the reviewer to earn the Bronze Apple Award. Display it with pride, you've passed a tough review.
A link to your site will be provided from the winners gallery.
Once again, congratulations.
Good luck and take care
Patti May
Apple Country Web Design

March 3, 2001
Lo staff de La mela di Newton award ha assegnato al tuo sito il Gold Award!
Il criterio Ú molto severo.
I siti sono giudicati in base ai contenuti, alla grafica, alla originalitÓ, alla tecnologia utilizzata. Hai fatto un ottimo lavoro.

March 5, 2001
Hello Barbara
It has now on the whole, that I have made up my mind after check your home page now to give you an Award. This Award doesn't have to be got easily. He is a special award for your tough work on your home page. The design is wonderfully and very interestingly partitioned. The contents most interesting. I also paints and for this reason was interested your home page very strongly. The navigation is very good and easy to overlook. What do I want to write/say then more for your excellent work?
Your Creation gets now the Virtual Rose Gold.
Congratulations on this: -)
Webmaster & CEO Meltomedia

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