Awards 2001

I sincerely thank all these webmasters for the time spent reviewing my site and for their most distinguished awards.
Every award means a lot to me and is proudly displayed in these pages.
Thanks again,

Program closed

March 12, 2001
Thank you for applying for the TOL (Touch Of Love) Awards.
I am pleased to inform you that your site has been approved for the following award/logo:
Perfect Balance
Family Safe Logo
Should at anytime as part of the condition of having these awards/rating, should your site become unsafe for any reason you will be asked to remove it immediately. From what I have seen from your site I don't think that will ever happen.
Again Congratulations!

March 18, 2001
It was real pleasure visiting your fine site!
I will stop frequently to see new additions to your interesting page!
Best regards

March 22, 2001
Thank you for applying for an Optical Resolution award. We have reviewed your application, and are pleased to inform you that your site has won the Optical Resolution Graphics Excellence award.
Your site has been added to our winners database, and will be permanently displayed in the "Graphics Excellence" category of our winners directory. In addition, your site will show in our "latest additions" section for the next 30 days.
Congratulations on a job well done!
Lynne Scott
Optical Resolution

This program has closed

March 27, 2001
Dear Barbara,
Thank you for applying to our award.
The evaluation of "Barbara Tampieri Home Page" is finished and we are pleased to present you the Crawling Chaos Award with two stars. The elegant and clean presentation of the different galleries with their high quality graphics make your site become a real highlight in this site-genre. The "Movie Stars Postcard Collection" is another impressive area of your homepage. I really enjoyed my stay!
Keep up your nice work.
Mark Grotegerd

April 17, 2001
Happy Easter Barbara, Greetings from Ireland :-)
We did surf your creative, informative and perfect designed place and checked both, your textual and visual content as well as your navigation. But most importantly we had the overall impression that the motivation for creating your site is rooted in kindness, dedication and the wish of sharing and to inspire. This attitude is a very precious one and shows your ambition to make the net a more human and friendlier place. Beside beauty, content, originality, and individuality we mainly try to catch the spirit of a site and yours has heart, brain and soul!
CONGRATULATIONS!!! you are a kind and open-minded net-citizen and we like to offer you our "Manjushri Mandala Kindness Award 2001 in SILVER".
May the Tibetan dragon king (druk dru) and the Golden Buddha grant you continued creativity, wisdom, positive energy, insights and success. And may they act as powerful reminders to keep the spirit of kindness alive.
With rainbows and light from the Emerald Isle, Hans & Thomas

Program closed

April 20, 2001
I am pleased to inform you that your site has met the requirements and been approved for the following award:
Master Design
As part of the requirements should at anytime your site become unsafe for any reason you will be asked to remove it immediately.
Again Congratulations!
Dee & Rose

April 21, 2001
Congratulations you have been awarded the "World Web Award of Excellence". Your site meets all of our qualifications that makes for a great site. We enjoyed our visit to your site, keep up the good work.
Again Congratulations!
Sincerely, Pat

Decadent Vision Award - The site displaying this award should be considered one of the 
top websites on the Internet today.

May 5, 2001
Your site Barbara Tampieri Home Page has won the Decadent Vision Award. You have an outstanding site, professionally designed with easy to follow navigation. Your site has a good contrast in color of text to background and asthetically pleasing graphic designs which are quick loading on all speeds. You have obviously spent endless hours accumulating resources to share with guest to your website. Your dedication to making your website the valuable resource it is shows in every page. Good Job!
Best Regards,
Alfred Norman

May 15, 2001
Hello Barbara,
I am writing to inform you that your website has won the Rajuna's Refuge Mystical Arts Award.
Your site, Barbara Tampieri Home Page has a wonderful aesthetic feel to it. Navigation, download time, use of space, are well done.
You showcase your wonderful art and awards within a beautifully designed web environment.
Your site earned a score of: 10 out of 10 on the award criteria.
All the Best,
June Kaminski
Rajuna's Refuge & Visions Galleries

June 12, 2001
Dear Barbara,
I´ve often visited Your website and each visit was a pleasure for me. Your presentation of fine arts is marvellous and Your idea of giving artists a place to present their work is famous. Your photographs are beautiful and the idea with the puzzle is great.
Your award section is well above the standard. So it is finally to say, that it is a honor for me to present You the Museumsaward.
For the future I wish You the very best.
With regards

July 11, 2001
Dear Barbara,
I am very pleased to announce you that your website "Barbara Tampieri Home Page" has been awarded the Gold Seal of the "The High in The Sky Award".
Your site, for the nature of its artistic content and for the outstanding quality of the design and implementation, presents an undeniable excellence that puts it well above the remaining ones, making it worthy of being publicly designated as an example to be followed and as a true cultural and knowledge source. If I may say so, it is indeed a feast for the eye and spirit. My sincere congratulations for your quite remarkable work.
My best regards and, once again, congratulations on such an excellent site!
Carlos Paula Simões

July 16, 2001
Dear Barbara,
After reviewing your site, we decided to qualify with our Geetha's Great Design Award.
Your site has excellent design, original graphics, very easy to navigate and well presented, organized content. We really enjoyed your art gallery and card section.

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