Awards 2000

I sincerely thank all these webmasters for the time spent reviewing my site and for their most distinguished awards.
Every award means a lot to me and is proudly displayed in these pages.
Thanks again,

January 2, 2000
Congratulations!! You won the Jeff Hobrath Art Studio Award! I had fun checking out your site, keep up the good work! Thanks for making the Web a better place! Jeff Hobrath

Program closed

January 3, 2000
Congratulations Barbara on winning the ART ROSE AWARD FOR FINE ART! We have reviewed your on line gallery containing the virtual exhibit of Giuseppe Tampieri's paintings. drawings and sculptures - and decided to offer you this distinguised award not easy to achieve. Your web art gallery is excellent and the art is outstanding!

Program closed

January 16, 2000
Hello and congratulations! Your site is one of the winners of the Jewel of the Web Award! You managed to reach the third highest level, the Ruby award. Nice job and keep up the good work :)

January 27, 2000
...we are proud to announce that you have won our BRONZE award in website design excellence. You can rest safe in the knowledge that we have no distinct criteria for each of our awards but we know what we like and we liked what your site had to offer. Good luck in all that you do and again, CONGRATULATIONS for all of your hard work.
Graham House
IME Design

Castles of Tuscany Approved Site

January 27, 2000
Il tuo sito molto interessante quindi sono ben felice di 'awardarti' con il CoT approved site logo. Paolo Ramponi


February 6, 2000
*** CONGRATULATIONS!!! ** - For your kindness of inspecting our site or some other web-kindness we award you with our unique ***"IAS & MANJUSHRI MANDALA KINDNESS AWARD 2000"***. This is not an award one can apply for. May our Tibetan dragon-king ('drug dru') grant you even more wisdom, energy, success, creativity, health, prosperity and a long life.

Program closed

February 12, 2000
Hi Barbara, you've won the Silver Travel Award,
Greetings from Paris,

Program closed

February 25, 2000
Greetings and Congratulation, you won our Feb.2000 award. Your site is listed now in our winners page.Congrats again and keep up the good work :) Best regards, AwardWorld Jury

Web Graf Awards

March 14, 2000
Cara Barbara, ti abbiamo visitato in 4 da cima a fondo e sei in ottima salute!! opsss.....scusa ci siamo confusi!!! dunque, abbiamo visitato il tuo sito e siamo giunti alla conclusione che un magnifico Queen Award non te lo leva nessuno!!

Program closed

March 20, 2000
Hello and congratulations! Your site "Barbara Tampieri Home Page" has won the Site of the Day award for March 20 2000! Your site will be featured in the daily newsletter sent out at the same time as this email to you and will also be posted in our winner archive at our site.
Once again congratulations!

March 24, 2000
Your work is outstanding but I didn't give you that award. I am awarding you site with my excellence award.
I fell on your site, and I am glad I did. I showed it to my other two judges, and we all agree. Thanks soo much for your work.
thanks so much
jj oakley

April 1, 2000
With great pleasure I bestow this award to your website. It has artistic flavour and substantial content. Congratulations, and hope to see your website improve.

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