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Best Site Winners - 2000

Able Muse
A review of metrical poetry, prose and art features metrical poetry and fiction read in Real Audio by the authors, art, photography, nonfiction (essays, book reviews, interviews,) literary critique forum, chat, e-books."Best Site - July 2000 to Alex Pepple".

MDC Homepage 2000
Pagina personale di Mario De Carli: i miei viaggi in Interrail, Portogallo, Irlanda, Scozia, Isole Aran con foto e consigli. I miei hobbies: la musica (G. Rossini) e la fotografia (A. Feininger).
A beautiful personal page in Italian, dealing with Ireland, music, Portugal, Scotland and A.Feininger's photography."Best Site - July 2000" to Mario De Carli.

The Vanishing Tattoo
This amazing site takes a looks at the incredible history, rituals and social significance of tribal tattooing in many different cultures around the world."Best Site - July 2000" to Doug Cook.

ballOOns Museum
A museum of living and talking paintings and sculptures from all periods, embedded is a little zoo. "Best Site - August 2000" to Wolfgang Schönfuss.

Visions of Adonai Fine Art & Design
Inspirational art and design for the discerning. Offers four awards for exceptional sites. "Best Site - August 2000" to June Kaminski.

Sighting the First Sense - Seeing is believing
Sighting the First Sense - Seeing is Believing" offers a breadth of educational tools and resources regarding sight and visual perception. The site is divided into several sections highlighting many aspects of this topic; from how we perceive sight to the art of perception and how it works. In addition to original text and illustrations, visitors also have the opportunity to engage in visual demonstrations and interact with other users, thereby taking full advantage of the "Internet style of learning." All in all, this web site is a prime source for information related to sight and visual perception. Done through collaboration and maintained by three teengers spanning the globe (and totally different time zones)for the International ThinkQuest competition. "Best Site - August 2000" to ThinkQuest Team C001464.

Replicators: Evolutionary Powerhouses
An interactive exploration of replicators and their roles in biological and cultural evolution, language development, and philosophy. "Best Site - August 2000" to ThinkQuest Team C004367.

Baird History and Genealogy
This site is designed for Bairds worldwide to learn about their traditions and culture, as well as to find their relatives worldwide or just drop in for a chat- it is a community and more. "Best Site - August 2000" to Kerry Ann Baird.

A Scoff an' Scuff
This site shows difficult to find information about Western Labrador and Northern Quebec. This includes Labrador City, iron ore mining, hydroelectricity, and transportation. There are also sections on quilts and a large section of original patriotic graphics and a bit about the authors. All graphics are original except animated flags and temperature indicators. 95% of the photographs are original and the others are noted and linked. "Best Site - September 2000" to Gary and Debbie.

Managing Decision- Priority- Mental Error / Online Business Research Assistance
Helping professional decision makers avoid mental error in decision making & prioritizing, with quotes by noted psychologists & authors and links to their books. Online research. "Best Site - October 2000" to Michael Gaspard.

Alaska WinterCabin...syntax wise
Alaskan bed and breakfast log cabins, poetry, books, photos, history, chat board and links. The perfect quiet getaway in Tok, Alaska. "Best Site - October 2000" to Donna Blasor-Bernhardt
A very useful website containing explanations and animations about dental topics and procedures. "Best Site - October 2000" to Paul Cotner

Forces of nature
"Forces of Nature" provides interesting facts about natural phenomena. Not only do it provides information regarding earth science, geology, 15 common disasters, but it also provides guidelines and tips for event prediction, preparation, and prevention. Also there is disaster simulations, multimedia galleries, games, and quizzes."Best Site - November 2000" to Mohamed Kamal

Leningradsky zoopark
One of the oldest zooparks in Russia and one of the most northern in the world. You can find on the site the interesting storyes about animals and exelent photoes (more then 1000)."Best Site - November 2000" to Natalia Rudneva.

Maestro Awards of Excellence
The Maestro Award of Excellence is a prestigious award evaluating website excellence and presentation on a variety categories and subjects. You will find tutorials to help you win better awards, articles about awards, free awards organizer and of course the worlds best websites being "showcased"."Best Site - December 2000" to Richard A. Berends.

Other winners (sites no longer available):

The German Conspiracy to Destroy Hitler 1938-1944 - January 2000 to Nicholas Natteau.
Third Apex to Fractovia - January 2000 to Juan Luis Martinez.
Anand's Home Page - January 2000 to Anand.
David Donnini's Home Page - February 2000 to David Donnini.
Website Awards Worksheet - March 2000 to Don Chisholm.
TMC Designs - March 2000 to Monika Carter.
PC Penny - May 2000 to Penny Hillman-Bear.
Fascination - June 2000 to Danielle & Mimi.
Manic Automatic's Official Band Site - June 2000 to Erik Harlow".
All Kids Grieve - June 2000 to Abby Wolk & Hannsjoerg Scheid.
Metal and Flesh: The Digital Anamorphosis of the Universe - August 2000 to Ollivier Dyens.
ReNATssance Art - July 2000 to Natale Williams.
Need a Pub - October 2000 to Wolf Cocklin
East Silver & Perm Animal Style - December 2000 to Rodion v. Wildonoff.
Treecity - December 2000 to Rob Ford.

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