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Best Site Winners - 2003

Casey's Celtic Charm
This family-friendly site celebrates the wonderful bonds between dogs and humans. Focuses on a wire-fox terrier called Casey's Celtic Charm and has made every effort to offer and educational value about the type of breed, and yet, keeping the site simple and entertaining for our youngest visitors. Upgraded - January 2003 to Wendy Russell".

Tennessee Oncology - Cancer Care, Chemotherapy, and Support
This site was designed to educate and provide community support to our cancer patients and the public at large. We have strived to create content that is both accurate and informative and written in such a way that the average person can understand the complexity of the cancer diagnosis. Best Site - January 2003 to Tim Reeves.

Safe Haven
Safe Haven is a site for male and female survivors of sexual abuse and/or rape. We aim to give support and advice to those on the path to healing, and to loved ones of survivors. We include personal stories, poetry, tips, advice on coping day-to-day, and an interactive message forum. Upgraded - February 2003 to Karen Janes.

The Bright Side-Wings of Support
Whether dealing with a crisis, addiction, coping with a mental disorder, or just feeling overwhelmed with life we all go through difficult periods in our life. When life feels like it's too much of a strain, a little bit of support can go a long way towards helping us cope, that is what The Bright Side is all about. Upgraded - February 2003 to Shie Rozow.

Tourette Syndrome "Plus"
Did you know that about 20 25% of all children have tics or some neurobehavioral condition that may affect them at home or in school? On this comprehensive and noncommercial site, parents, teachers, and clinicians can learn about many childhood-onset conditions and get loads of practical information and free handouts to share with others. Best Site - February 2003 to Leslie E. Packer, PhD.

Acadia Magic creates the ambiance of Acadia National Park, Bar Harbor, Maine and the surrounding communities through stunning photography, easy navigation, and very useful lodging, dining, and activity information for the visitor. One may explore the area by clicking on an Acadia map or by simply following text links. Best Site - March 2003 to Greg Hartford.

Elexica is the award-winning, free online legal resource produced by leading international law firm Simmons & Simmons. elexica offers a current awareness service, legal updates, weekly EU Diary (also available in Palm(TM) format), training modules (with CPD hours), legal checklists (also available in Palm(TM) format), a legal discussions forum and an extensive library of categorised web links. "Best Site - March 2003 to Jonathan Maas.

The Ol' Hook & Eye: A History of the Kishacoquillas Valley Railroad
The Kishacoquillas Valley Railroad was a charming backwoods railroad that ran in the heart of Pennsylvania. The KV was known as "the short line with a long name," and it's no wonder that local residents cooked up their own nicknames - the "Lofty Vanderbilt," the "Hair Line" or the "Ol' Hook & Eye" - reflecting its character and country mystique. "Best Site - April 2003 to Jerry Hartzler.

Extensive PhotoImpact graphics site displaying a Stained Glass Gallery, photographs and is home to Freedom Graphics plus much more. "Best Site - May 2002 to JennieM.

British Garden Birds
The site is dedicated to helping garden birdwatchers in Britain and Ireland to identify and enjoy the birds that visit their gardens, and to understand the birds' lives and behaviour. "Best Site - June 2002 to David Gains.

About Korea - Korea Award
Web Master's graphic design and photos work introduction and Award program site. "Upgrade, Best Site - July 2003 to Jin Seok Kim.

Virtually Lost
It's easy to get lost. We can be mentally lost, globally lost, lost socially, lost in our work, lost in our lives, and lost in love. We lose our heads, lose our minds, lose our patience, lose our innocence, lose our marbles, and even lose our hearts and souls. But what is found? What are the answers that we all look for in our lives? This website visually explores being lost in hope of finding the answers that we are all searching for. "Best Site - July 2003 to Lucas Agbaimoni.

Scientific Resources
Large collection of scientific resources about statistics (descriptive statistics, testing, and continuous distributions), econometrics, and time series analysis. This website should be viewed together with which offers various online applications (both sites are perfect complements). "Best Site - July 2003 to Patrick Wessa.

Game Theory .net is an eclectic resource for educators and students of game theory, the field of economic recently popularized by the movie, A Beautiful Mind. Beyond lecture notes and links to text books, the site contains interactive applets and games demonstrating key concepts. The site offers a light though educational view of the field through examples from popular culture, movies, books, music, and television, as well as current news. Upgraded to Best Site - September 2003 to Mike Shor.

Witheridge-A Gateway to the Two Moors Way
This is an English village community site designed to offer something to residents and visitors alike. Best Site - September 2003 to David C. Taylor.

Farvardyn© - Everything you need to know about Ancient Persia
An illustrated reference portal about religions, culture, civilization, ceremonies and languages of the Gateway of the east, the lost world of Ancient Persia. Upgraded to Best Site - November 2003 to Nima Sadjadi.

Tim's Spider corner
This is an educational site for all spider fans that addresses the conservation of nature. You will find bird eating spider information, as well as an assortment of pictures, handling tips, resource links and the complete anatomy of a bird eating spider. Home of Tim's Spider Award program. Upgraded to Best Site - December 2003 to Tim Beylemans.

BigEye Siteport!
BigEye Siteport is a small portal of information about Portugal, the city of Chaves, My Work, reference guides to the internet and computers, and much much more! Also includes a fun and games section and a rated award program. Upgraded to Best Site - December 2003 to Vitor Oliveira.

From January 1st, 2002, the new banknotes and coins went into legal course in all the countries of the European Union that are part of the Eurozone. Those countries are: Austria, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Monaco, San Marino, Vatican City, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia. Upgraded to Best Site - December 2003 to Raffaele Russo.

A pictorial history of Chicago. Best Site - December 2003 to Terrence Gregory.

Other winners (sites no longer available):

Cerulean vault - Open desires - January 2003 to Loren Sebastian.
Türkische Impressionen - March 2003 to Marion Burc.
En Llamas - April 2003 to Alberto Paronetto.
Chamowners Web - September 2003 to David W. Pickering.

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