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Best Site Winners - 2001

The Edible Journey Through China
This site is all about Chinese cuisine. History, maps, recipes, all in a very nice and friendly site. "Best Site - September 2001" to Elaine Cheung.

Alberto Paronetto on the Web
Writings about economy (newspapers - magazines - Web) and one of the best award programs around, "The Sinapsis Award for an Intellectual Attitude"."Upgraded to Best Site - September 2001" to Alberto Paronetto.

Rod's Photo Gallery
A portfolio of Rod Watson's scenic photography of over 100 lighthouses; plus scenic natural wonders, cityscapes, monuments, and architecture. A brief history and description of each photo subject is included, and arranged geographically. Over 165 individual photo pages loaded to date. "Best Site - September 2001" to Rodney Watson.

An interactive site on wildfire. Content ranges from important historical fires in the western United States (1870-2001), to current techniques of fighting fire, fire management, and fire prevention. There are interviews of people who experienced the fires of 2000 (with audio and video clips), and stories/articles. There is a 550-image picture gallery of everything related to wildfires. Users can submit their stories/articles, pictures, and ideas to the site. There is also a message board where users can discuss anything fire related. It comes in three flavors: multimedia, text-only, and French. In addition, there are lesson plans for teachers. "Best Site - September 2001" to Josh Schwartzman and ThinkQuest Team C0119184.

New Yorkled - NYC's Pictorial/Informational Site
100's of Photos spotlight our NYC Spirit and Strength as well as our Parks, Museums, Bridges, Sights, Events and more through much researched material. "Best Site - October 2001" to Luis Diaz.

New Zealand Motorcycle Rentals & Tours
Rent a touring motorbike and tour New Zealand on BMW Yamaha Honda or Harley Davidson motorcycles. Lots of information on New Zealand's most interesting places to visit. "Best Site - October 2001" to Shaun Ross.

Biomes [Living Worlds]
Through more than 100 pages of content, more than 200 photos and videos, as well as a fully functional and complex "virtual school" system, further enhanced by our "quick question" after every page, and "study tips" on every page, we fully exploit the interactiveness of the web to let our users learn about our world; biomes. "Best Site - October 2001" to Douwe-Sjoerd Boschman and ThinkQuest Team C0113340.
This site provides chemistry, environmental and hazardous materials educational resources including a detailed periodic table of elements; articles on chemistry, environmental and hazardous materials issues; a geologic timeline; and much more. Over three hundred pages packed with content. "Best Site - October 2001" to Kenneth Barbalace.

Pollution: A Global Threat to the Environment
This site is aiming to increase the global community's awareness on one of the most threatening environmental issues today: pollution. This site provides a great insight into pollution, from the basic definition, how the environment gets polluted to the impacts in the environment and society. And also the most important mission is to ask ourselves and take action what can we do towards preventing and overcoming it as a caring global community. "Best Site - October 2001" to Sigit Adinugroho and ThinkQuest Team C0111040.

The Docherty Family
A comprehensive resource for Docherty family members and friends around the World, a clean & fast interface and great content. Includes history & heraldry, community and much more. Home of Red Stag Awards. "Best Site - October 2001" to Jim Docherty.

Frankenstein: a new reality!
Starting from Mary Shelley's novel the students of an Italian school realized this beautiful site dealing with up-to-date scientific issues like clonation and genetical modifications. "Best Site - November 2001" to Nicola and the students of the "Capialbi" high school.

Center for Reproductive Law & Policy
Information on laws, policy and the social condition of women around the world from the world's leading legal experts on reproductive rights. The Center for Reproductive Law and Policy (CRLP) is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting women's equality worldwide by guaranteeing reproductive rights as human rights. "Best Site - December 2001" to Deborah Dudley.

The Beeline
The Beeline @ is the original Beehive, a regional community and reference Web site serving South Central Indiana and Bee-yond. Its Netizen approach and Helpware attitude make it the Web Army Knife for the Information Age. "Best Site - December 2001" to Mic Miller.

Costa del Sol Tourist Board
Official Costa del Sol Tourist Board web site. It is the key stone on line to provide all the information and services that a visitor needs to spend their time at the Costa del Sol. It shows all the possibilities that Costa del Sol offers to visitors: history, accommodation, food and eating, national parks, travel agents, museums, etc. "Best Site - December 2001" to Juan Carlos Rojas.

Other winners (sites no longer available):

Kansas City's Blue Diamond Web Awards - January 2001 to Tom Powell.
Ridgeback Liver Lovers - January 2001 to Tobias Strandh.
Paris Excellence Awards - January 2001 to Dr. Bernard Benichou.
Surreal Graphics and Awards - February 2001 to Tom Powell.
Hipnosis - April 2001 to Sandra Roberts.
The Eclipse Awards - April 2001 to Chuck Davis.
42nd Street Awards - May 2001 to Nikki Savage.
They Live Again - May 2001 to Richard Fox.
Kimmy's Atheist Site - June 2001 to Kim Shultz".
Wild Goose Celtic Spirituality - June 2001 to Tuan MacCarell.
Buon Natale Sig. Scrooge - June 2001 to Alessandro Girtanner.
Intelligence and IQ Tests - June 2001 to Carlos Paula Simoes.
Clermont County Humane Society - October 2001 to Sue Veldkamp.
The Vampire Chronicles Art Gallery - November 2001 to Melissa Walker.

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