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Best Site Winners - 2002

The Belmont Society
Aimed at educating amateur astronomers. Over 140 drawings, sketched "at the eyepiece", and rendered in appropriate FULL COLOR (totally unique on the Internet). These drawings are both featured on separate pages, and used throughout the site to illustrate how celestial objects actually look in the eyepiece. Also, there are pages dedicated to beginners and novices, biographies, and tutorials. "Best Site - January 2002" to Bill Wiegert.

The NASA SCIence Files™
The NASA SCIence Files™ is a series of free instructional programs consisting of a broadcast, print, and online elements. Emphasizing standards-based instruction, and Problem-Based Learning, the series motivates students in grades 3-5 to become critical thinkers and problem solvers. "Best Site - February 2002 to Jeff Seaton".

SpaceWander Virtual Space Travel
Fly to Mars! Take a trip through the Universe! It's free and fun for all ages! "Best Site - February 2002 to Elizabeth Amini".

Travel Australia
A very good site with lots of information about Australia with personal travel report and tips. Many pictures and very well designed, in German. "Best Site - February 2002 to Florian Lorenz".
The ultimate source for PC/Web help. Everything from tutorials to a help message board to guides and games. "Best Site - March 2002 to Ali Almossawi".

Jardin botanique de Montréal / Montreal Botanical Garden
The site, developped by one of the most important botanical gardens in the world offers, in French and English, good information about plants and gardens. "Best Site - March 2002 to Celine Arseneault.

Schliemanns Erben | Das InfoPortal
An excellent German site about Heinrich Schliemann, the archaeologist. Good reading stuff, interesting and well researched. "Best Site - March 2002 to Nick Schliemann.

Internet law resource site including library, news, search engine, dictionary, lawyer jokes, online incorporation, legal forms, interactive confidentiality agreement, lawyer for hire and more. "Best Site - May 2002 to Judith Silver.

Universal Command Guide
This website is about a new computer book that took nearly three years to write. It represents the first time in human history where knowledge is recycled. We recycle many things in our world today but knowledge is usually thrown away. Here we document every command from every operating system and then cross-reference every command toghether based on functionality. This book enables someone from the Microsoft world to be able to manage any Novell, Unix, Linux or Macintosh computer. "Best Site - May 2002 to Guy Lotgering.

This is a Bipolar Disorder, Depression and Schizoaffective Disorder support site for those wanting to better educate themselves about mental illness. "Best Site - May 2002 to Steve Morton-Stowe.

Trial Lawyers for Public Justice
This national, public interest law firm offers a free, online database of more than 2,200 contacts and resources for public interest lawyers, advocates and activists. You can search the entire U.S., your state -- or as many states as you choose -- in up to 35 different focus areas, including civil rights, consumer protection, crime prevention, environmental protection, housing and homelessness, and workers' rights and whistleblower protection. You can also find out about cutting-edge court cases where trial lawyers are fighting to protect citizens and consumers by holding irresponsible corporations and governments accountable in court. "Best Site - May 2002 to Jonathan Hutson.

Explore the castles of England, Scotland and Wales. CastleXplorer provides interactive maps that allow you to locate castles you would like to visit. There are descriptions, photographs, visitor information and directions to each castle, as well as general information and resources about castles in Britain. "Best Site - June 2002 to Simon Robins.

A site about the most important work of Juan Bautista Alberdi (Argentine political philosopher and diplomat), "Departure bases and points for the political organization of the Argentine Republic", a masterpiece of political science. Many of the suggestions contained in it were incorporated into the Argentine constitution of 1853. "Best Site - June 2002 to Alberto Paronetto.

The Cleveland Memory Project
Cleveland Memory showcases thousands of historical images in a searchable database as well as ebooks - the complete contents of numerous written histories of Cleveland Ohio: the region, its industries and its people. It's a showcase for the Special Collections of the Cleveland State University Library, and a fascinating look at Cleveland's past. "Best Site - June 2002 to Donna Stewart.

Wat Thai Kusinara Chalermraj
This Thai Buddhist Temple, in the land of Buddhism, at the location of Lord Buddha's Nirvana at Kushinagar, is created from the project of returning Buddhism to the land of its origin. This project has been initiated since B.E. 2537 (1994) by the Thai Sankha, Indian and Thai Buddhist, to worship the Lord Buddha, and to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the Accession to the Throne and the 72nd Birthday Anniversary of His Majesty King Bhumibhol Adulyadej, King of Thailand, in B.E. 2542 (1999). "Best Site - July 2002 to Anita Shu.

A comprehensive running site, with articles regarding sports medicine, nutrition, training, as well as a worldwide calendar and more. Catering for all levels of ability by providing sound advice. "Best Site - October 2002 to Gavin Doyle.

Client Success
Custom wallpapers, screensavers, and website templates, free programming and development tutorials, news, scripts, fonts and more. "Best Site - November 2002 to Melody Chamlee.

Jetzone 2000
Jetzone 2000 presents unique aviation photography and a highly rated award program in a Flash Web design. All own work, no use of templates or pre-made graphics. I tried to give it a good lay-out and a simple but efficient navigation. Lots of time was spend to details use of colors and a kind of 'house-style' I tried to combine my passion of aviation photography with a good webdesign. "Best Site - November 2002 to Andries van Straten.

Other winners (sites no longer available):

Pioneers - January 2002" to Sandra Davis.
Quinn Tyler Jackson's Homepage - February 2002 to Quinn Tyler Jackson.
Wildscreens - February 2002 to Frank Black.
Omar Al Zabir Personal Portal - March 2002 to Omar Al Zabir.
900 - March 2002 to Andrea Brancaccio and Lynda Valkyrie.
Valentine's World Best Site - April 2002 to Lorri Hesketh.
Mallorca meeting - May 2002 to Ulrich Pokorra.
Sudanese Student Organization At Bradley University - May 2002 to Ahmed Elsharif.
Galileo - Giornale di scienza e problemi globali - June 2002 to Matteo Bartocci.
Aljapaco Webb Award - June 2002 to Tobias Strandh.
Wheel of Life - July 2002 to Ertan Fedai.
Ireland's Dance - September 2002 to Jess Knight.
Pollution - October 2002 to Wesam Elbaz. - November 2002 to Susan Salgy.

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