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Best Site Winners - 2001

An encyclopedic history of Seattle and surrounding communities. Contains sourced essays, photo features and a detailed timeline of regional history."Best Site - January 2001" to Alan J. Stein.

Bakima's place
A great canine site with an amazing graphical layout. Bakima Imani, a beautiful Rhodesian Ridgeback presents herself in her own very unique way. "Best Site" February 2001 to Kiki Janson.
Tons of electronic and PC hardware information. It contains the largest general pinouts collection (cables, connectors, adapters) of the web. "Best Site" February 2001 to Nicola Asuni.

Boom Towns & Relic Hunters
A beautiful site providing a history of Northeastern Washington's ghost towns, Native Americans, pioneers and miners.. A must to see. "Best Site" March 2001 to Jerry Smith.

And Then A.P. Hill Came Up
The life and career of General A.P. Hill, hero during the American Civil War. "Best Site" May 2001 to Jenny Goellnitz.

Oakley's World
This poetry site is about honor,strength,courage,and hope. Home of the Critics' Choice Awards. Very nice to see and read. Reapplied, confimed. "Best Site Award - May 2001 to John Oakley."

FloydPinkerton's Homepage
Personal page with some great original digital images to be used as free wallpapers. "Best Site - May 2001 to Floyd Pinkerton".

Anonymomma's world
One blonde... One paperbag... Together entertaining the web!Anonymomma's World is the only place on the web where visitors are entertained with movie reviews, awards for participation, art, an interactive web serial, giggles, music, hot flashes 'n more! All brought to life by a laughing woman with a bag on her head! "Best Site (reapplied, confirmed) - June 2001 to the Momma".

Otakou New Zealand Online
User-friendly, safe-surf access to the Otago Peninsula and New Zealand where you may view panoramic photographic displays of Wildlife, Otago and New Zealand; learn of local area history, access NZ Maori Links and much more. Using a balance of Flash and html technologies, Otakou provides the total surfing experience - friendship, creativity, interaction, knowledge, fun, relaxation and visual pleasure! "Best Site - July 2001 to Rhonda M. Serong".

Pharmaceutical Calculations
This site provides more than 100 pharmaceutical calculations for free. A useful and user friendly resource. "Best Site - July 2001 to Raju Sampath Kumar".

Notes from the Road
A beautiful site where Erik tells us everything about his travels in various cities and many countries. "Best Site - August 2001 to Erik Gauger".

Health Orchid
Health Portal with easy to understand health info for the general public and medical info such as case studies, CME, etc. for doctors, especially for visitors from India. "Best Site - August 2001 to Dr. Suresh Bhimsingh".
Scenic photography of Yosemite and California, travel diary and wallpapers. Also, sections on pottery, portrait art, and Photoshop with some useful tutorials. All original content. "Best Site - August 2001 to Jacqueline R. Dunster".

The Lupus Site
A quite complete site providing easy to understand information on the autoimmune disease lupus. "Best Site - September 2001" to Joanne Forshaw.

Absolute Shakespeare
The essential William Shakespeare resource with Shakespeare's plays, sonnets and poems. Study Shakespeare with plot summaries, essays, character analyses, quotes, biography, pictures, timeline and the Globe Theatre. "Best Site - September 2001" to James Hodge.

Assess Risk
Free information, advice and resources which includes workplace health and safety, advice on travel for single women and free webcreation services. "Best Site - September 2001" to Wendy Sears.

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