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Best Site Winners - 2004

Blue Imps Smurf Collection
A personal smurf collection from Wales, UK. Photos, facts and smurfs galore. Upgraded to Best Site - January 2004 to Rachel Webley.

Remittag is a personal online knowledge builder which offers General Knowledge, Trivia, Vocabulary Building, Clean Jokes and Humour, Quizzes, Edutainment Games, Personality write-ups, World and India News Quiz, Cricket Quiz, Facts and Figures, Puzzles, and Life Facts (Wisdom Bytes) to help Teachers, Students, Parents, Knowledge seekers & Quizzers. Best Site January 2004 to Naveen Shukla.

La Regia Marina
Italian Navy (Regia Marina) in World War Two; its preparation, organization, crafts, history. In Italian and in English. Best Site January 2004 to Arnaldo Borsa.

Creations - Art of a New Age
Tradtional and digital Art, unique database of 3D LOTR models for digital artists and other resources. Creations is part of Kokopelli Studios. Upgraded to Best Site March 2004 to Elsina Schepers.

Seacology is the world's premier nonprofit, nongovernmental organization with the sole and unique purpose of preserving the environments and cultures of islands throughout the globe. Our site includes a list of our island projects, current and past newsletters, a secure donation form, breaking news and links to published articles regarding Seacology, information about the organization, information about the Seacology Prize, information about Seacology trips, and a library of photos from our projects around the world. Best Site May 2004 to Emily Klokkevold.

Crazy Canaks
Stories of Windsor, Ontario, Canada.(german page only). Best Site May 2004 to Joerg Baumgartner.

Eclipse Outdoor
Eclipse Outdoor is a site by and for the outdoor pursuits community, with a wide range of articles and assorted media on everything from kayaking to climbing, walking to skiing. Best Site May 2004 to Chris Gillett.

Diska's Photos
Photos you can download as wallpapers, e-cards, puzzles and more. Upgraded to Best Site, May 2003 to Dante Discacciati "DISKA".

A site about the noble arts of the billiardsports, with a brief description of the history and different games and rules. Also family and children safe rated by AS, RAU and TOTW. Upgraded to Best Site - July 2004 to Huub Crapels.

The Circle of the Dragon
The Circle of the Dragon explores the mystery of the dragon through mythology, history, theories, artwork, and media. Upgraded to Best Site, July 2004 to Kylie "drago" McCormick.

Symi Island - Municipality of Symi
Everything you ever wanted to know about Symi's island : history, characteristics, the Festival, culture, sights and local enterprise. Rich photographic material available. Best Site, July 2004 to Stamatis Kritikos.

Life Spring Healing Arts
Free online self-help instruction for wellness and health enhancement, stress relief, muscle soreness, and alleviating chronic pain and illness. Massage therapy and holistic health care in Boulder, Colorado. Best Site, July 2004 to Jan DeCourtney. - a site about Maltese history, culture, tourist information, virtual tours, the prehistorical temples, Valletta, Gozo, Comino, and modern Malta. Best Site, July 2004 to Stephania Borg.
What began as a place to stick frequently referenced notes has evolved into From technical information about computers, adware and spyware to gaming, book collections, reviews, humor, Amateur radio information, and much more.. be sure to see what is today. Best Site, October 2004 to Aleeya.

Contact a Family
Contact a Family - for families with disabled children: information on rare syndromes and disorders. Best Site, October 2004 to Dean Casswell.

Other winners (sites no longer available):

Asinah.NET Encyclopedia- May 2004 to Alina Holzem.
My Link in Time - July 2004 to Bernard Howe.

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