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Golden Art Site Winners - 2002

Pedro Pablo Oliva
A selective and recent collection of silkscreens, watercolors and oils by Cuban artist Pedro Pablo Oliva. "Golden Art Site - January 2002" to Pedro Pablo Oliva and Enrique Sacerio-Gari.

Futurism and the Futurists
The ultimate resource for the early 20th century Italian Futurist movement with over 1,000 works of art by over 200 Futurists in more than 3,500 pages. "Golden Art Site - January 2002" to Bob Osborn.

Greg Anzalone Photography
Guest Artist April 2002
Award winning Fine Art Photography. All images taken with a digital camera and post processed with Adobe PhotoShop. "Golden Art Site - January 2002" to Greg Anzalone.

European Images
Guest Artist January 2003
Fine art photography of cemeteries and architecture from all over Europe. "Golden Art Site - January 2002" to Dan Westfall.

Nico Bastone's Photo Gallery of Sicily Island
Guest Artist June 2002
More than a hundred color and B/W photos of Nico Bastone. Portraits, nature, the wonderful beauty of Sicily. "Golden Art Site - February 2002" to Nico Bastone.

Guest Artist August 2002
Virtual Gallery of the Rheinfelden artist Roland Kistner, who presents his artworks (bio-mechanical sculptures with the occasional Celtic influence) made out of Ceramic, online. Roland Kistner lives in Rheinfelden (Baden/Germany) and creates fascinating sculptures mainly made out of clay. "Golden Art Site - February 2002" to Roland Kistner.

Orbit Studio, Photography & Design
Guest Artist September 2002
Amateur photography, mostly landscape- photography of Holland and Greece, among other work. "Golden Art Site - February 2002" to Joke Mertens.

111101 - Memory and Creation
The 111101 project regroups Lebanese artists and writers, of all disciplines, living in Lebanon or abroad, who work on memory, through its different aspects: a space to search for traces of memories, a medium for archiving, and a search for the structure of memory. "Golden Art Site - February 2002" to Naji Zahar.

NightWing Enterprises: Featuring the work of Ray Cologon, Sculptor
Guest Artist November 2002
Ray Cologon is a sculptor based in Melbourne, Australia. Cologon's work is unusual and original, using precious and exotic woods to create finely detailed turned and carved wood art, it presents wood as a precious resource. The work draws on rich figurative and imaginative sources, often using contrasting timbers (as an allegory for dualities within human experience). It achieves a mysterious, timeless quality which complements its metaphysical themes. "Golden Art Site - February 2002" to Ray Cologon.

Bronze Gallery
The Bronze Gallery is an online sculpture gallery offering hundreds of original 19th and 20th century French and American bronzes. The site is informative, quick loading and high in content. You can see and almost handle more 19th century sculptures here than at most major museums. "Golden Art Site - February 2002" to M. Masters.

Caribbean Museum Center
Beautiful online gallery celebrating Local Caribbean art. "Golden Art Site - March 2002" to Karen Rike.

ArtFr on line Gallery
A Gallery specializing in the sale of quality works of art by internationally renowned artist. "Golden Art Site - March 2002" to Mallee.

Portfolio of Jim Conte
A portfolio of paintings, drawings, illustrations and graphic design by Jim Conte. "Golden Art Site - March 2002" to Jim Conte.

Toby Deveson - Black & White Photography
Toby is by nature a documentary photographer, if such things can be categorized. He documents what he sees around him, be it people, landscapes or countries. He's based in the U.K. and has photographed in Romania, Italy, Canada & many other countries. "Golden Art Site - March 2002" to Toby Deveson.

Stock Photography and Fine Art Prints by Steven Poe
Guest Artist January 2003
Steven Poe Photography produces Stock Photos and Fine Art Prints. Subjects included are pictures of travel, landscapes, people and digital photo illustrations. "Golden Art Site - March 2002" to Steven Poe. is a fine arts virtual gallery whose mission is to provide the opportunity for buying and selling artwork on the World Wide Web. You will find a variety of original artwork featured on our site including paintings, sculptures, photography, mixed media and much more. "Golden Art Site - March 2002" to site team.

Silvia Vera Guevara
Guest Artist October 2002
Site featuring the works of this Argentine artist. Colorful abstract paintings. "Golden Art Site - March 2002" to Silvia Vera Guevara.

Peru Precolumbino
Guest Artist September 2002
A project decidated to the Ancient Precomlumbian culture, featuring the works of Pancho Basurco. "Golden Art Site - March 2002" to Pancho Basurco.

Silvestro Rugolo Online Gallery
Guest Artist December 2002
An online flash gallery with over 600 original pictures, collages and digital images. Navigation follows a camera paradigm with shutter and films (collections). "Golden Art Site - April 2002" to Silvestro Rugolo.

Light Vision
Guest Artist November 2002
Dream-like images of angels, fairies & other spiritual beings by photographer and digital artist Renata Ratajczyk. "Golden Art Site - May 2002" to Renata Ratajczyk.

Vladimir Hristov
Guest Artist December 2002
Vladimir is painter and Flash designer. This is the place where he shows his works. "Golden Art Site - May 2002" to Vladimir Hristov.

Nick Chaldakov's Photography Gallery - THE ART of PHOTOGRAPHY
Guest Artist October 2002
Fine Art and Stock Photography Gallery - abstract impressionism, and realism in black and white, portraits, travel, landscape and digital photography. Stock, links, rings, add URL, buy print. "Golden Art Site - May 2002" to Nick Chaldakov.

Kelly Hoppen Interiors
A web site dedicated to the work of Kelly Hoppen, one of the UK's most influential interior designers. "Golden Art Site - July 2002" to David Stanley.

Capra 7 Art Studio
Australian abstract expressionist artist Shane Garton. Works on paper and canvas, acrylic and oils. A contemporary international style emphasising the meditative, spiritual, poetic and human condition. Jazz and poetry a source of inspiration to many of the art works. "Golden Art Site - July 2002" to Shane Garton.

Guest Artist February 2003
A photographic art site of the works of Tantra Bensko, with interactive galleries and games, the first exclusive by another artist, links to other artists and important. "Golden Art Site - July 2002" to Dr. Simon Peter Hemingway.

World in Color - photographs by Anil Rao
Guest Artist February 2003
Fine-art and nature photography featuring limited edition prints. The images focus on hidden elements in everyday scenes in order to abstract their striking beauty. "Golden Art Site - August 2002" to Anil Rao.

Rogan Coles Photography
Guest Artist March 2003
Photography covering a period of time, some of it commercial (as in making a living) and much of it personal (as in attempting to maintain a record of sorts). "Golden Art Site - August 2002" to Rogan Coles.

Zara Manucharian
Guest Artist March 2003
The personal site and gallery of the young Armenian artist Zara Manucharian. Some of her works created in the different periods are now in private collections both in Armenia and in some countries abroad. "Golden Art Site - September 2002" to Zara Manucharian.

Arturo Lini, poesia visiva e pittura
Guest Artist February 2003
A research on abstractions where ancient symbols and simple signs become a form of art. "Golden Art Site - September 2002" to Arturo Lini.

Jack A. Neal, Photographer
Virtual Gallery to showcase Fine Art Black & White Photography by Jack A. Neal. "Golden Art Site - September 2002" to Jack A. Neal.

Eugene L. Berman Photography
Eugene L. Berman's Photography. Fine art photography, landscapes and cityscapes, wildlife, still life. Quality color and black & white prints. "Golden Art Site - October 2002" to Eugene L. Berman.

Art, Digital Art, set your eyes on a digital supreme art adventure
A digital art gallery presenting original artwork by artist Sam Lantz. "Golden Art Site - October 2002" to Sam Lantz.

Polvo is an art web site dedicated to promoting art from all over the world. We are open to new ideas and different points of view. "Golden Art Site - October 2002" to Miguel Cortez.

Art related site, design, experiments, literary works, gallerys, artists, etc. "Golden Art Site - October 2002" to Senad Guraziu.

Other winners:

Controlled Free Style - January 2002 to John Brian Macatulad.
PixiPort-BlueHeron - February 2002 to Helyn Davenport.
Northern Heart - April 2002 to Gregory Dunne.

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