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Golden Art Site Winners - 2001

Fire and Ice Photography by Mark Dornblaser
Guest Artist October 2001
A website showcasing beautiful original fine art color landscape photography and published travel writings. "Golden Art Site - January 2001" to Mark Dornblaser.

Guest Artist November 2001
AARTIKA! contains many galleries of Tina's own fractal images, as well as an extensive Guest Section, slideshows and applets. Free downloadable screensavers. Fractal and Wewb design resources. "Golden Art Site - January 2001" to Tina Oloyede.

The Cat Gallery
Guest Artist April 2001
An amazing cat art parody site that features interpretations of how the world's great artists might have been inspired to portray their own cats, and why. All artworks by Eve Riser-Roberts. The paintings are accompanied by a short art history lesson for each of the artists. "Golden Art Site - January 2001" to Eve Riser-Roberts.

Huang Youwei
Guest Artist March 2001
Huang Youwei brings his love of nature and it's tranquillity into all his paintings. Right now he is one of the leading artists of the Wan Fung Art Gallery.He has held many successful solo watercolor painting exhibitions in Beijing and Hong Kong. "Golden Art Site - January 2001" to Huang Youwei.

Basil's Art
Guest Artist May 2001
Starting with a simple pixel, adding colors, stirring gently, Basil Filippone creates a digital painting. The site is a unique interpretation of his digital works, techniques, other digital artists and links. A total digital experience. "Golden Art Site - February 2001" to Basil Filippone.

Bill Wadman
Online Portfolio of designer, photographer, musician Bill Wadman. "Golden Art Site - March 2001" to Bill Wadman.

Simon Levenson Studios
A clear and clean place to view Simon's paintings and purchase his prints. "Golden Art Site - March 2001" to Simon Levenson.

3D-Art, Pixel-Art, Webdesign art studio. "Golden Art Site - March 2001" to Hans-Joerg Krauth.

Guest Artist August 2001
Thomas' original photos, shot with the Russian camera Lomo LC-A. German language."Golden Art Site - March 2001" to Thomas Weschta.

Michael Hudson Photography
Guest Artist December 2001
Beautiful fine art photography of Great Britain, Ireland and the United States, in black and white, colour and hand coloured images.
"Golden Art Site - March 2001" to Michael Hudson.

Enzo Bianco
Guest Artist September 2001
A classy artsite presenting the work of Italian artist Enzo Bianco. Oil paintings, watercolors and ceramics.
"Golden Art Site - April 2001" to Enzo Bianco.

Karen Musick
Guest Artist August 2001
An online gallery that celebrates the surreal landscapes of Karen's mind using oils, acrylics, watercolors, colored pencils, computer graphics. "Golden Art Site - April 2001" to Karen Musick.

Bojan's Work
Exhibition of photos and graphic design. "Golden Art Site - April 2001" to Bojan Budimac.

The Alexander Schwarz Photographic Projects
Guest Artist November 2001
Lomographics, Digital Imaging, Large Format Printing in a really beautifully designed site. "Golden Art Site - April 2001" to Alexander Schwarz.

The Home World of Uwe Görs
Here you will find a wide range of information - from ancient Japanese poetry to digital technology. Please check Uwe's original photos and his well designed virtual gallery. "Golden Art Site - April 2001" to Uwe Görs.
Personal site showcasing Julie Zarate's original artwork, poetry, photography and links to other sites she has created. "Golden Art Site - April 2001" to Julie Zarate.

Risa Rosine
Guest Artist October 2001
On this site you can find paintings, fotos and lomos. A very pleasant and arty layout. "Golden Art Site - April 2001" to Risa Rosine.

Guest Artist September 2001
Fine art photography gallery featuring Helyn Davenport's own work and other artists also as guest artists of the month. Art news/technical forum/ and a inspirational comentary enclosed. "Golden Art Site - May 2001" to Helyn Davenport.

The Ballpoint Pen Art of Dave Archambault
Guest Artist July 2001
Beautifully detailed ball point pen portraits by a Canadian artist. You won't believe they're ball point pen doodles. "Golden Art Site - May 2001" to Dave Archambault.

A site about the dutch painter Gabriël Gressie. The site is made with Flash. "Golden Art Site - May 2001" to Gabriël Gressie.

Guest Artist August 2001
Photographies without words in an extremely elegant layout. "Golden Art Site - June 2001" to Thomas Weschta.

Guest Artist December 2001
On this website you can see a portfolio of digital photographs by Stefan Kindermann. "Golden Art Site - June 2001" to Stefan Kindermann.

Paintings by Wayne Peterson
Guest Artist January 2002
This site showcases the award-winning Professor and his mastery of acrylics and watercolors. "Golden Art Site - July 2001" to Alexsandralyn Stevenson.

Arseny Muchnick: Translation into Colour
Guest Artist February 2002
A very young British artist who has just had his first personal exhibition. Moderately modern, mainly oils. Information about the artist, gallery of paintings, and limited edition prints for sale. "Golden Art Site - July 2001" to Tanya Tatarova.

DracoBlu: Dragon Mythology, Spirituality, Sacred Art
Guest Artist April 2002
DracoBlu is the symbolist art and writing of Susanne Iles, devoted to dragon mythology, spirituality and sacred art. "Golden Art Site - July 2001" to Pat Byrne.

Ben Stocker Johnson Art & Design
Guest Artist January 2002
Drawings, Paintings and Illustrations by Ben Stocker Johnson. Also print and web design. "Golden Art Site - July 2001" to Ben Stocker Johnson.

The Color Pencil Challenge
This site is a free educational resource committed to help educate and promote color pencil artists and those that want to teach the medium. It features monthly lessons from expert artists, an online gallery of participating artists' works, links to important advice and other color pencil resources, and a forum for discussions. "Golden Art Site - July 2001" to Karen Cardinal.

Guest Artist March 2002
This site features the artworks and books of the artist Raingem whose style takes inspiration from impressionism, realism, abstract, abstract-expressionism, and symbolism. "Golden Art Site - July 2001" to Raingem.

Valentin Yotkov, Designer / Silversmith
Guest Artist February 2002
Graduated from Specialized Art School, Sofia Bulgaria and Recipient of the "Gold Medal" award (Diploma), Master Silversmith Valentin Yotkov of Bulgaria and New York City, has been recognized by the American government as one of the premier silversmiths and foremost experts in the art of Chasing & Repousse. Yotkov was trained in the ancient metalwork techniques of chasing and repousse. His work has been exhibited in Japan, Greece, Germany, Russia, Italy, Mexico, India, China and the USA. His studio is the only school in the USA specialized in Chasing/Repousse instruction. Valentin also teaches at other schools in the US and abroad. "Golden Art Site - August 2001" to Valentin Yotkov & Rocio Hereda.

Joseph Dosio Contemporary Artist/Sculptor
Guest Artist May 2002
Joseph Dosio is a NY Artist, Sculptor, Painter, Metal Sculptor, Found Objects Sculptor, Kinetic Sculptor. "Golden Art Site - August 2001" to Joseph Dosio.

Rocio Heredia, Metalsmith
Guest Artist December 2001
Rocio Heredia is a Mexican born, self taught metalsmith artist. She works traditional metalwork techniques of Chasing and Repousse to raise intricate designs on Tin. Her favorite objects are Icon covers and Jewish Art, which She works down to the finest detail. Her works received a remarkably warm reception at a recent exhibition at the Loyola Cultural Center in Monterrey, Mexico. Rocio Heredia is available and teaches classes and workshops on her Chasing and Repoussé technique in Mexico and abroad. She was taught chasing and repousse by Master Valentin Yotkov in New York City. "Golden Art Site - August 2001" to Maria del Rocío Heredia.

15 small self portraits
An interactive collection of small Flash movies about the author's history, identity and obsessions. "Golden Art Site - August 2001" to Raffaele Malanga.

The Healing Power of the Arts
The arts as a force the healing and bringing together of communities and individuals. "Golden Art Site - August 2001" to Richard Finkelstein.

Guest Artist May 2002
Featuring the graphic work of Karin Kuhlmann which includes 3D-images, photo paintings, fractals, flower pictures and abstract works. "Golden Art Site - October 2001" to Karin Kuhlmann.

Guest Artist March 2002
Photogenic art is an online photo gallery with various topics as landscape, nature and industry photography as well as digital photo experiments. At the moment the exhibition consists of 88 pictures on different themes. In addition there is also an international awards program. "Golden Art Site - October 2001" to Ulrich Pokorra.

Curious 3D
Guest Artist July 2002
A gallery of Cynthia Frederick's 3D images, with an explanation of of the methods, prints for sale, downloadable textures, and other goodies. "Golden Art Site - November 2001" to Cynthia Frederick.

Curtis Knapp - Photographer
Guest Artist August 2002
The online portfolio of Curtis Knapp. From New York to Japan, the many amazing portraits of stars, magazine covers and arty orks of a multi-talented photographer. "Golden Art Site - November 2001" to Curtis Knapp.

A Gathering of Artists
A celebration of Atlantic Canada's artists and artisans, featuring many different media. It offers profiles of each artists written by an award-winning writer, presented with a simple, elegant design. "Golden Art Site - November 2001" to Richard Levangie.

Fundacio Fita
Guest Artist June 2002
The aim of the foundation is to promote the art and the work of Domènec Fita. Site with 4 sections: the artist, the foundation, works of year 2000 and promotion of art. "Golden Art Site - November 2001" to Jordi Colomer.

Heath Satow Sculpture and Architectural elements
Guest Artist July 2002
Design, fabrication and installation of sculpture and architectural elements in metals and other materials. Portfolio: Architectural, public sculpture, gallery work. "Golden Art Site - December 2001" to Heath Satow.

Dox Thrash Revealed
Altered Image designed and developed the "Dox Thrash Revealed" site as an online exhibit to support the live exhibit at Philadelphia Museum of Art. The site encompasses the life and times of the little-known African American artist through photographs, artwork and curator interviews. Designed in Flash, the site is geared towards the general public and accommodates low bandwidth and popular browsers while maintaining an engaging multimedia approach. "Golden Art Site - December 2001" to Catherine Poole.

Flying Puppet
Highly interactive web art gallery featuring Flash art. "Golden Art Site - December 2001" to Nicolas Clauss.

Other Winners:

The Cosmoz - January 2001 to Roger Prynne.

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