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Golden Art Site Winners - 2003

Imagery By Aimea
A striking sensuality with a dreamlike quality. Touching, spiritual, surreal and sometimes brutal art imitating life by Aimea Saul. Golden Art Site - January 2003 to Aimea Saul.

New Wave Art
Official website for New Wave Art and Victoria Nahum, Web design. Golden Art Site - January 2003 to Victoria Nahum.

Daniele Jaquillard, a contemporary French Painter
Original paintings of the contemporary French artist Daniele Jaquillard. She lives and creates in Mougins, near Cannes, France. Golden Art Site - January 2003 to Daniele Jaquillard.

Eduardo Torassa
Guest Artist February 2003
A web gallery hosting the works of Argentine painter Eduardo Torassa. Golden Art Site - January 2003 to Carlos Planchadell.

Heidi Walsh
An award winning site, a most coveted award program and the digital galleries of German artist Heidi Walsh. Golden Art Site - January 2003 to Heidi Walsh.

Emotional Digital
Guest Artist June 2003
The online gallery of Parys St. Martin, professional digital artist based in Adelaide, Australia. Golden Art Site - January 2003 to Parys St.Martin.

:danilab: - fotografía y diseño web
The online portfolio of Daniel Escondrillas, made in Flash. Golden Art Site - February 2003 to Daniel Escondrillas.

Jimmy Bittker Photography
Flash site created in memory of father and photographer, Jimmy Bittker. His photojournalism captured the essence and dignity of his subjects. All his work makes the viewer marvel at nature and humanity. Golden Art Site - February 2003 to Cindy Bittker.

Nano Calvo Online Gallery
Bilingual Online Art gallery that includes Photographs, Literature, Drawings and other forms of creation. Golden Art Site - February 2003 to Nano Calvo.

Dubi Roman - Impressionistic Photography
Guest Artist May 2003
"Seeing The Light" - Impressionistic Photography of Israel by Dubi Roman. Golden Art Site - February 2003 to Dubi Roman.

Bestphotos Vietnam Gallery
Bestphotos Vietnam Gallery is dedicated to anyone who cares about or feels interested in pictures of Vietnam, the country, nature, its rich culture and people. Golden Art Site - February 2003 to lam Thanh Buu Son.

Unique steel Art - Ludwig Haas
Guest Artist June 2003
A remarkable contribution to contemporary art has been accomplished by Ludwig Haas, an Austrian sculptor, who was the first to introduce direct three-dimensional steel sculpting into art. Golden Art Site - February 2003 to Wolfram Kalt.

Vincenzo Balsamo Official Site
Guest Artist May 2003
A contemporary Italian master and his personal website including a biography, exhibitions, gallery, books, news, archive and more. Golden Art Site - March 2003 to Mauro Griva.

Espaço Arte-Surrealismo
Portuguese site about Surrealism with information on Salvador Dalí, René Magritte and Joan Miró. Golden Art Site - March 2003 to Rogério Paulo a. C. P. Soares-Perry.

Macor Gallery Arts
Art Gallery and personal portfolio of Pilar Cocero. Golden Art Site - March 2003 to Daniel Escondrillas.

Pietrino Di Sebastiano
Guest Artist July 2003
Art Gallery and personal portfolio of photographer Pietrino Di Sebastiano. Golden Art Site - March 2003 to Pietrino Di Sebastiano.

Circolo Fotografico Controluce
Web site of photographic club Controluce of Fara San Martino - Chieti, Italy. Golden Art Site - March 2003 to Pietrino Di Sebastiano.

Contini Art
Guest Artist August 2003
The personal site of Italian artist Costantino Contini. Contemporary art, informal, abstract espressionism and the works of this France-based cromatic painter. Golden Art Site - April 2003 to Costantino Contini.

Nichole DeMent, Photographer
Guest Artist October 2003
"I photograph in response to my experience of the world. My purpose as a creative photographer is to use my intelligence, skill, and experience to express important Truth in as many original and powerful ways as I can." Golden Art Site - April 2003 to Nichole DeMent.

L'artiste peintre Michel Vermeulen
Guest Artist July 2003
Son style se situe entre l'impressionnisme et le cubisme. Il a développé une technique 3-D assez spectaculaire. Sa palette joyeuse et vive nous transporte dans un rêve... Les pianos, poires et chandelles, son rythme de vie. Il est le dauphin de Riopelle! Golden Art Site - April 2003 to Michel Vermeulen.

Michael Bingley. Nature and Outdoor Photography
Guest Artist August 2003
Wildlife and landscape picture galleries, including Swedens Sarek National Park. Other Scandinavian locations and Japan. Golden Art Site - April 2003 to Michael Bingley.

rojo-uk On-line Photo Gallery
Rojo-uk is a stunning new on-line gallery of images, showcasing the work of Midland photographers whose images are linked by a natural instinct to capture the beauty of their surroundings. The various images to be seen add up to a master class in composition and lighting. From landscapes and natural history studies to still life and abstract forms. The images are a spontaneous response to the emotion of the moment, full of mood and atmosphere, for you to enjoy and perhaps derive inspiration from. Golden Art Site - April 2003 to John Powell.

Art By Old Bear Grinning
Old Bear Grinning is a West Coast Metis Carver who has spent over 4 decades with carving tools in hand. The expression and spirit of each piece tells a story of it's own. I have added legend and lore to further create an understanding of the art. Filled with wonderful carvings of various woods, the site is easy to navigate, fun to read and updated more than regularily. Upgraded to Golden Art Site, May 2003 to Marianne Auger.

Danikk Design
Danikk Design is the web site showcasing the talents of Nicole Hanusek and Daniel Balog. On the site you will find artwork in the following mediums: Furniture, Graphic Design, Illustration, Jewelry, Metalwork, Painting, Photography, Print, Sculpture and Web Design. Golden Art Site, May 2003 to Nicole Hanusek.

Guest Artist September 2003
Rachel's digital artworks: 3d, fractals, pop art, whimsical art and more also available at 800X600 and 1024 X 768 resolution to use as desktop wallpaper. Golden Art Site, May 2003 to Rachel Powell.

Sam Norris, Images
Guest Artist November 2003
A non commercial art site that displays the artist's works. The images displayed on the site cover a wide varity of media and techniques. Golden Art Site, May 2003 to Sam J. Norris.

Arbitrary Design
Guest Artist September 2003
A gallery of sculpture, photography, graphic and web design by Robert Belgrad. Featuring works in a wide variety of media and a broad range of styles. Best viewed at 1024x768, requires the Flash plug-in. Golden Art Site, May 2003 to Robert Belgrad.

Alicia de D'Angelica - Arte Digital - Digital Art
Guest Artist December 2003
A gallery of 3D and fractal art from Argentina. Golden Art Site, May 2003 to Alicia de D'Angelica.

.:: digital artwork ::.
A gallery of digital art featuring Rolf Steffens works. Golden Art Site, May 2003 to Rolf Steffens.

HND Photography and Beyond
Having successfully completed our HND in Photography we will continue to show you our versatility. This site will be a cornerstone for those taking photography exams and those who share our passion. Golden Art Site, May 2003 to Louise Mijatovic.

Interarteonline International Contemporary Art Gallery
A wide exhibition of contemporary international artists. Golden Art Site, June 2003 to Miguel Angel Montero.

Tomaso Marcolla Virtual Gallery
Guest Artist October 2003
Web site of the italian artist Tomaso Marcolla. Golden Art Site, June 2003 to Tomaso Marcolla.

The World of Apostolos
Guest Artist November 2003
Omnimedial Images. Golden Art Site, June 2003 to Apostolos Panagopoulos.

Millennial Renaissance Imagery
Guest Artist February 2004
Millennial Renaissance Imagery is an award-winning website which displays and sells images by L.A.Bernstein in a variety of media. Golden Art Site, July 2003 to L. A. Bernstein.

Guest Artist February 2004
Alien worlds in time and space in the works of painter Frank M. Lewecke. [english/deutsch]. Golden Art Site, July 2003 to Frank M. Lewecke.

Raúl Valladares Valdés
Guest Artist December 2003
Personal site of Cuban sculptor and goldsmith Raúl Valladares Valdés. Golden Art Site, July 2003 to Raúl Valladares Valdés.

Jerzy Kêdziora
Guest Artist March 2004
Jerzy creates balancing sculptures which may be put on a lines denying physical theories and making great impression for the audience. They seems to resist the gravitation. Golden Art Site, July 2003 to Jerzy Kêdziora.

Rob Gray Photography
Guest Artist March 2004
Photography of the Australian landscape. Living on the road in Australia's largest off-road motorhome. Golden Art Site, July 2003 to Rob Gray.

Miguel Angel Avila
Guest Artist September 2004
Online art gallery featuring the artwork of contemporary fine artist Miguel Angel Avila. Golden Art Site, July 2003 to Miguel Angel Avila.

Ingram Portrait Design Studio
A professional photographers web site featuring 12 galleries animated with Flash. Golden Art Site, July 2003 to Gavin Phillips and Patricia Ingram.

Guest Artist April 2004
Personal web page of Roberto Thomas Arruda. Content: resume, statement, gallery, contact area, opinion and links. Golden Art Site, September 2003 to Roberto Thomas Arruda.

The Art Of Herb Sellin
Guest Artist December 2004
A Retrospective Exhibition of more than 600 Works of Art painted by Herb Sellin over a period of more than 30 years. Golden Art Site, November 2003 to Herb Sellin.

Sergei Aparin - Fantastic Painting
Guest Artist February 2005
We can describe Sergei Aparin's paintings as: enigmatic, metaphysical, fantastic, surreal, magical, mystical or as a dream, fiction, figuration. Golden Art Site, November 2003 to Igor Marinkovic.

Jeff Galbraith Photography
Guest Artist April 2004
A fine art photography site that includes landscapes, flowers, digital art, still life, animals and more--new images added often. Golden Art Site, November 2003 to Jeffrey Steven Galbraith.

Art Gallery Artmedia
Artmedia Art Gallery is organizing and realizing exhibitions: painting and sculpture and different fine art projects, multi medial projects and advertising which is connected with culture and art in Artmedia gallery space, gallery of Ethnographic Museum and several galleries in Belgrade, cities in Serbia and Montenegro and abroad. Golden Art Site, December 2003 to Igor Marinkovic.

Nick Danilov - The Artist Portfolio
Guest Artist May 2004
Creative work by artist painter Nick Danilov is represented by his paintings, acrylic on canvas, mixed media on canvas, book illustrations, created in decorative style, while the subject of his pieces remains the same - beautiful feminine forms through the poetic expression of human passion. Golden Art Site, December 2003 to Igor Marinkovic.

Dolores Valenza - Figural Painter, Sculptor
Guest Artist September 2004
Gallery of Figurative Paintings, Bronze Sculptures, Porcelain and Fine Jewelry. Valenza's love of color is apparent regardless of media used. Her work carries a distinct fingerprint. Working in a representational, realistic style, she also works in what appears to be an Abstractionism. The subject is approached in the same manner. Was the first woman ever to be commissioned by Hutschenreuther, for whom she designed and sculpted figurines including Dancers, Shakespearean, Biblical, Fairy Tale and Contemporary youthful Characters. Golden Art Site, December 2003 to Rocío Heredia.

Miguel Martino - esculturas en madera
Guest Artist October 2004
Gallery of wooden sculptures. Golden Art Site, December 2003 to Miguel Juan Martino Davies.

Michael Gibson
Guest Artist June 2004
Michael Gibson is a new artist that has taken American Art Festivals by storm. His drawing style and incredible attention to detail are unmatched. Golden Art Site, December 2003 to Michael Gibson.

Lorenzo Antognetti
Guest Artist August 2004
Gallery of paintings by Italian artist Lorenzo Antognetti. Golden Art Site, December 2003 to Angelo Paladini.

Fine Surrealist Art of Sebastijan Petrovic
Guest Artist November 2004
Abstract and Surrealist paintings by Sebastijan Petrovic. Works on display include early Abstract work, sculptures, photography, drawings and finally...fine Surrealist Art. Golden Art Site, December 2003 to Sebastijan Petrovic.

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