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Approved Site Winners - 2004

Worldworx Travel
Travel information site. Approved Site - January 2004 to Steve Parish.

Stop Arthritis Now
A website explaining Alan's book on how he defeated crippling arthritis naturally. Approved Site - January 2004 to Alan Schlines.

.: v9.1 :.
A site about alternative reality. Approved Site - January 2004 to Claudia Mongini.

A family friendly independent bookseller site aiming to assist charitable causes and assist new talent. They have 680,000 new titles in stock to help them achieve their goals. They are disabled veteran owned and operated and give special attention to homeless and paralyzed veterans. Approved Site - January 2004 to Lonnie Hodge.

A Critical Decision
An educational organization that encourages citizens from around the world to study and question the influences large corporations have obtained over democracy, technology, religion, families, society, population growth, and the environment (our life-support system). Please enjoy our award-winning nature gallery and thought-provoking prose. Approved Site - January 2004 to William C. Gladish.

City of Hamilton
This site seeks to educate citizens, various levels of government and the media on the City of Hamilton's (Hamilton, Ontario Canada) largest ever, and most controversial, infrastructure project. Approved Site - March 2004 to Michael R. Marini, M.A. gives an unprecedented look at the wide array of fascinating creatures, large and small, that dwell beneath the surface of even our smallest streams. It includes over a thousand closeup pictures and videos of stream creatures, as well as many underwater photos of trout and stream insects in their natural habitat. Approved Site - March 2004 to Jason Neuswanger.

Die Alpentouren
Auf ber 130 Alpenstraßen mit dem Rad in den Alpen unterwegs - zu sehen auf etwa 800 Seiten und ber 2000 Fotos. Approved Site - March 2004 to Horst Reinelt.

Just Too Good - Darren's IT Resource and Technology Forum
A PC information resource aimed at both newbies and technophiles alike. Detailed and easy to comprehend descriptions of a wide variety of PC components. The latest addition is the Technology Forum where visitors can post their queries and views. Approved Site - March 2004 to Darren Lester.

Flamingnet Book Reviews
Book reviews and a reading list for preteens and young adults, including advance literature reviews. Created by a student who loves to read and his dad. Proceeds from book sales are used to buy books for students and libraries in need. Approved Site - March 2004 to Gary Cassel.

Working Abilities in Glasgow Explored
WAGE is an Online Information Service providing accessible information on Education, Training and Employment for people with a disability or community care need. Approved Site - March 2004 to Karla Healy.

Defenders of the Crown Computing and ICT
An English website that provides learning materials to Computing and ICT students of English qualifications, but are also free to use by anyone interested in this subject area. This site also has a medieval theme to reflect its Englishness. Approved Site - March 2004 to John Robinson.

slice of being
Interlaced lines form webs of images matched by soothing colors dancing toward serene surreal landscapes and stories. Echos of the mirror pool of life yield a slice of being. Approved Site - March 2004 to David Ubben. contains my original photography, poetry, artwork and free graphics and wallpapers. Approved Site - March 2004 to Mona-Lisa Larsen.

The Balbi Family
Featured in this website is the famous Renaissance era Balbi family of Genoa, Italy, to whom I am related. The site includes Van Dyck portraits of family members painted in the 1600s. There is a section for Balbis throughout the world to post a summary of their Balbi ancestry. English, Italian and Spanish versions are included. Approved Site - May 2004 to Cindy Balbi Oliver.

Eastern Cape Development Corporation
The site has a database of over 1, 000 news articles relative to development in the region. Unique to sites of this nature is its real-time economic indicators and weather from around the region. An online poll is used to pull public opinion to matters concerning the region. All material is searchable and news articles are all archived. The site has been running since 2000 but recently had an upgrade late last year. Approved Site - May 2004 to Trevor Lewis.

The Bomb Site
An interest in free software, pc and surfing security, ice hockey and music. Approved Site - May 2004 to Stuart J. Butcher.

Christ sein heisst nicht langweilig sein. Approved Site - May 2004 to Thomas Walter.

VSD Awards
VSD Awards seeks to become one of the best Web Awards Programs on the Internet today. We are constantly working to improve the level of services that we provide and to enhance our image throughout the Internet and the AP community. We believe in professionalism, creativity, ethical standards, family safe sites, and service to people. Approved Site - May 2004 to Ian Conklin.
Rivista online di Intelligenza Artificiale, Neuroscienze e Scienze Cognitive. Approved Site - May 2004 to Giuseppe Bonaccorso.

MDHDesigns... offers free, original, good-quality elements for Paint Shop Pro to its users as well as linkware web sets, wallpaper, and tutorials. Approved Site - May 2004 to Marianne Hartsfield.

Discursos & Economia
Speeches & Economics, an investigation about economics in the speeches through the time. Approved Site - July 2004 to Alberto Paronetto.

Rocketface(R) Workshop
A complete tutorial for beginners about how to design a serious website. Approved Site - July 2004 to Eugene DeFazzio.

Digital Photography By Nightowl
Shirley's photographs range from the top of Pikes Peak to delightful flowers at the Powell Gardens the US - to macros of her Apple Snail eating cucumber in the aquarium and bugs found out and about. You will also find Digital Paintings - Paint Shop Pro 8 Tutorials and graphics written. Approved Site - October 2004 to Shirley Anita Novak.

Mathews United Methodist Church
Highlights the beliefs, mission statement, activities, ministries, prayer requests, and photo album for this active Greenwood, South Carolina United Methodist Church. Also includes our worship schedule, contact information and driving directions. Approved Site - October 2004 to Dale Frederick Moseley.

Europe Travel Tips
Europe Travel Tips is a resource for general information, top destinations, and informative tips for travel to countries in Europe. Approved Site - October 2004 to Danielle Mackenzie.

Weight Loss Dieting & Obesity
Multidisciplinary education resource evaluating the pros and the cons of a wide range of diets and other treatment options for obesity. (Surgery, medications, hypnosis and more.) Includes a blog of recently published weight loss and obesity research. Approved Site - October 2004 to Trevor Johnson.

Other winners (sites no longer available):

New Millennium Awards- January 2004 to Dr Corey Huffman.
Wallpaper@you- March 2004 to Mike Ov.
::86AC:: - Pixelart- March 2004 to Andrea.
Blue Crab Almanac- March 2004 to Bob Newman.

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